The Man From Kerala

As one drives through Kerala, one becomes more and more aware of the richness and culture that this land is blessed with. There is a peace and tranquility here which is so distant from the violence in the rest of the globe. Coming from the Middle East, where the daily papers carry news of bomb attacks, terrorist attacks in the region , even a day here in any Kerala town, far away from any city makes you feel what you had been reading about or seeing was only some really bad dream that you’ve finally woken up from.

Pristine, pure , spiritual , simple folks, backwaters, coconut and banana trees, rubber plantations, spices, temples, churches, mosques all make up this coastal town.

I am sure you’ve seen the man from Kerala. He is there all over the globe ranging from high positions to low positions. There is a popular joke that you’ll even find him on the moon, selling tea. No wonder why a Keralite is willing to work so hard abroad. He has a goal of finally settling down back home.

Others look at him and call him stingy and mock at his way of life (Malabari they say with something between a smile and a smirk)… Little do they know that it is he ( the man from the South) who will have the last laugh. After all he has his land ( which sadly in today’s times, few can boast of), untouched by pollution or population, unlimited supply of oxygen which others can only wish for, organic food which grows in his backyard.

That simple “Mallu” is truly the smartest of them all . He does not care how you look at him or think you are better because of your dressing, your accent, your colour because he knows it does not matter in the end…he has what others can only crave for….Land, Food, Air, Water and Peace!!!

A drive through the length and breadth of Kerala, will find equal number of temples, mosques and churches, each adding it’s own special touch to this blessed place.

There is no, one, community that dominates and all people on this land live and thrive together in perfect harmony, an example to the rest of our great nation, known for it’s secularism. It is one state where Onam, the main festival , is celebrated by one and all, rich and poor, with food, flowers, dancing and new clothes. The festival celebrates prosperity which one look around, shows it in abundance.

I hope and pray this place remains untouched by the turmoil in other places and all Keralites come together to save what belongs to them irrespective of religion, caste or creed and do not get lured by blood thirsty criminals in disguise.

This holiday, we decided to travel around Kerala and were simply spellbound by the sprawling tea estates, fresh water springs, temple ponds, backwaters, wild flowers, creepers that grow on compound walls, lampposts and even telephone wires. It left us mesmerized and I knew I had to write about it. If you ever decide to travel to India, this is one place you must visit.


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