Et tu brute!

Remember who said these words…

Roman Emperor Julius Caeser

 When : his most trusted friend, Brutus, stabbed him to death. 

TO: Brutus

Did you ever feel like saying it? Did you ever want to use these words because no other words could express the level of betrayal you felt?

It’s funny how these words came back to me, 27 years after I had studied the Shakespearean novel in school.

Shocked, stunned and startled is what my immediate feeling was. Was I hurt? A little, but mostly it shook my faith in humanity. That’s when my husband showed me how important it is to continue caring and continue helping people because you can’t let one selfish person destroy the good in you.

Move on and let Karma take care of them

I write this blog today because this was a huge lesson I learnt in 2016 and while I have forgiven, I have not forgotten. To forget would be foolish. By writing this blog, I wish to diarize this so I never forget.

Betrayer is always one in the Inner Circle- Don’t fear your enemy. Fear the one closest and weakest.

Shakespeare said it right. He immortalised the statement. Its not about Brutus. Every person who has been ousted or defeated or cheated, has been betrayed by somebody in the inner circle- someone whom you blindly relied on, someone for whom you did so much that you never thought they could forget.

Have you ever been betrayed? How did you feel? What did you do? What did you learn from it?

What I learnt?

It’s always the weak who betray. The one who does not have a spine. The one who is always fearful. Never fear the brave or the one who fights with you or is not afraid to tell you, you are wrong when you are. It’s the smooth talking, quiet, lean and mean ones who betray- just like Shakespeare described a 100 years ago! 

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