The Tree of Trust

Trust precedes love.Trust oversees love. To love is easy but to trust is difficult.

Only a mighty heart can dare to trust. Only a strong, loving soul will go to lengths to build it (trust).

You never know when you may be tested but if you have laboriously tended and cared, nurtured and nourished, nothing should be able to shake it. Stand together and fight the monster (jealousy, ego, selfishness, doubt).

Do what it takes to build the trust and let your relationship bloom 🙂


Tended with care,

Nurtured with love,

Sowed the seed of trust.


Jealously guarded,

Obsessively watched…(over)

It firmly bore its roots.


Cultivated honor and reliability,

Nipped away the suckers ,     

Under its shade we basked.


Pruned away  dishonesty,

Nourished it with transparency,

And it bloomed and flowered…


Through years, it grew tendrils,

Standing firmly through highs and lows,

Holding it all together…(leaves, flowers and buds).


A gust of wind blowed threateningly,

Nature looked down menacingly,

Promising to shake it.


Would take more than the wind to knock it down,

Would take more than the storm to uproot it,

That, which had been built with faith, NEVER would it wither!

     A relation without trust is like eyes without a sparkle…


7 responses to “The Tree of Trust”

  1. Keraleeyan Avatar

    Couldn’t agree more…..Beautifully written Smitha.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thanks Jiju. 🙂 Welcome to my blog


  2. Sampada Avatar

    Very true.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Binny Avatar

    How true Smitha ….

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