To my dear readers and fellow bloggers,

It’s just 5 days since the NaPoWriMo challenge began and I have been churning poems (good, bad, ugly) on a daily basis as required. While doing so, I am extremely grateful for your likes and comments on all my poems, as it spurs me on to try harder. This challenge is keeping me on my toes and I haven’t been able to read any of your blogs as much as I would like to. I have made a promise to myself that after this challenge ends, I will spend the next 15 days simply reading all the lovely blogs I have missed. The purpose of this message was to explain my not commenting on your blogs. The Poetry challenge is challenging me completely. :).

Things I’ve learnt till now, with the challenge:

  • As usual, I am finding it difficult to keep up with technology so when I posted my poem on day 4, I realized that it was actually day3!. That’s why you’ll notice 2 poems with day 3.
  • I have been posting the URL of my poem to NaPoWriMo on facebook and only today realized that the main website has pages for each day where one has to put the link.

I am sure I will learn many more by day 30 and become a pro for next year’s challenge. I will keep adding to these tips for all those who would like to take part in the challenge next year.

Thank you again for sticking on.


Smitha V,

NaPoWriMo: Day 5 Where the Sky and Sea meet

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