Stop Glaring!

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With news about women in India being unsafe, making the headlines, this poem takes it’s root. While the government continually comes under attack for it’s apathy towards cases such as rape, molestation etc. and feminist groups argue that women should not be told how to dress or by what time they should be back home, it’s the most debated topic.  In a utopian society free movement, complete safety is possible;  but all countries are far from it. So until we get there and unless you have the power of “wonder woman” or society stands together to protect women,  a woman needs to ensure she is careful.


Unfortunately, these beasts lurk in our midst everywhere and are not caged. Some are more obvious and others wear the mask of their profession or relation with the victim and inspite of taking all the precaution in the world, terrible things do happen even in a public place like the New Year’s eve assaults in Germany in 2015-2016  or when one is in the most secure place like home or school by the so-called “uncle” or a teacher or by a holy priest.

While we do need stringent laws so that these beasts are put away forever, we also need to educate students, boys and girls, to respect each other. We need parents to teach their sons to respect women and we need parents to teach their daughters not to take bull-shit from anybody, be it their teachers, friends, husbands, colleagues, bosses or a stranger.

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A salute to those women and men who manage to save themselves from harrowing situations and come out stronger, after being put through the trauma. To those who despite being brave like India’s brave-heart “Nirbhaya”, succumb to the injuries, I pray their souls rest in peace and they are in a better place.


A salute to those “real” men who treat a woman as an equal, as a human being with dignity and respect.

So here goes my poem:



I see you glaring at me,

It makes  me nervous,

Slightly anxious,

I admit, I am conscious,

I wish you’d stop being so obnoxious!

You’re glaring again,

I’m definitely not  flattered,

I know it shouldn’t have mattered-

I feel my confidence, a wee bit battered,

I wish I could have that glare shattered!



You  will not stop, how can you?

You’re “The Man”, that’s your view,

Shameless! But that’s not  new-

I take the cue,

I bid my fear adieu.


You who have no honor, I know your kind,

Not a man, not even an animal, but a creature with a sick mind,

You have eyes but your soul is blind-

I better beware, lest I should be your prized find,

Diseased art thou, in hell you’ll wind!



Copyright,©, 2017. All Rights reserved.




22 responses to “Stop Glaring!”

  1. mitadaur Avatar

    Well written poem. It requires a massive change in attitude to bring this to effect…

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you Mitadaur. What I am saying is these beasts are not going to change unless something drastic is done by the government. It is therefore women who must be extra-vigilant and take care.

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      1. mitadaur Avatar

        Hmmm true.. It’s unfortunately the harsh reality.

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  2. Moushmi Radhanpara Avatar

    Really well said. Women do need to be reapected. Ypur introduction and the poem was totally perfect. I loved the ending of the poem.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you Moushmi. I had read the post you had published on your drive home and the fellows who followed you. You showed great courage. I meant to comment and put a link to this poem so you could read it. But looks like you found your way here😊. Thanks for commenting. It means a lot since you just experienced it.

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      1. Moushmi Radhanpara Avatar

        Yes, I thought of it that this might have come out of my post, i mean just the incident. But thought better not to mention.
        Yes but this was a tremendous post, describing everything so aptly.


        1. Smitha V Avatar

          Not really it did not come out of your post. It just came at the same time. Mine was based on what happened to the daughter of the IAS officer in U.P. and all the other similar happenings around the world. But reading what happened to you reinstated it. Thanks again for appreciating the poem😊

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  3. Andrea Stephenson Avatar

    Well said Smitha, both in your poem and your introduction.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you very much Andrea for your encouraging words. So much is happening in India especially with regards to women’s safety, had to distinguish between men and vile creatures.

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  4. Gouri (Gourav Anand) Avatar

    I would say it was worth a read.. you beautifully put your point forward that too with a well thought poem. Great !!👍

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thanks Gourav. Glad to know you appreciate it. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Appreciate it!

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      1. Gouri (Gourav Anand) Avatar

        Most welcome smitha. Keep writing the good ones

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        1. Smitha V Avatar

          Sure Gourav. Don’t forget to check out my posts😊

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          1. Gouri (Gourav Anand) Avatar

            I Just pressed the follow button 🙂

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          2. Smitha V Avatar

            I noticed😊. Thank you for the follow. I hope you enjoy reading the posts.

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          3. Gouri (Gourav Anand) Avatar

            I am a great admirer of nature’s beauty but I seldom write on those topics.. But I love to read the posts of bloggers who most often associate them with nature.. I like your writings

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          4. Smitha V Avatar

            Thank you again Gourav for your positive feedback. Will check out your posts too. I love nature which I guess is obvious from my writing. I think I am at my best in nature’s lap. 😊

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          5. Gouri (Gourav Anand) Avatar

            Thank you smitha.. I would be glad for visiting my blogs. Actually I have written in various categories but Hindi poems are the one which I have written with more passion

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          6. Smitha V Avatar

            Checked out your English posts. I am not too good with Hindi though it was my second language. So, reading your poems will be like a revision.

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  5. Bhavana Avatar

    You pointed out so clearly Smitha

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thanks Bhavana for commenting😊. I guess in the end, women have to be extra careful.


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