Back to School – Morning Woes…

Another year goes by, another summer holiday comes to an end and it’s time for school. Just the time to re-share this post, one that I had written at the same time last year. As long as you have school going kids at home, you will have crazy morning hours 🙂 Wishing all parents a great academic year ahead with loads of strength and patience to get through it.


With the end of the holidays and the beginning of the new school year, starts the morning grind again- getting sleepy heads out of bed, into the shower…(this of-course depends on the age); if they are older children getting them to get out of the shower, yelling to get them to the breakfast table …(No matter what time they get out of bed, they invariably reach the breakfast table just minutes before they need to be pushed through the door to catch the bus or walk to school).My heart so goes out to those parents whose troubles don’t end here and need to drop their kids to school. Their struggles continue a little longer, with having to manoeuvre through rush hour traffic (though like Robin Williams rightly said,” I don’t know why call it rush hour because nothing moves during this hour”),  bear irate drivers and manage speed limits while ensuring they get…

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2 responses to “Back to School – Morning Woes…”

  1. Spirit Yoga Foundation Avatar

    very sweet post and great wayof writing .. really apprecating work..keep sharing moments

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you so much for commenting and for following the blog. Happy you enjoyed reading this post😊.

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