I love you just a little more today…

I love you just a little more today…




I know you a little more,


I love you a little more,

And Everyday

I pray for you a little more,

Just a little more….

Everyday…a little more… than the day before.


I didn’t know,

That I could feel this way, 

I didn’t know,

That love could grow along the way,

And I didn’t know,

That, I’d want to say,

 “I love you, just a little more”,

Everyday…a little more… than the day before.


You and I

We were meant to be and It’s made me stronger…

You and I

We can make it happen, as long as we’re together…

You and I

We’ve come so far and this is what I want forever…

To be with you just a little more…

Everyday, a little more… than the day before.



Love is not what happens in a day and fades with time but rather grows by the day.

Love is not that which you fight for and leaves you week but rather makes you stronger.

Love is when you change a little of you not because you were asked to but because you want to.

And when you find such a love, then you know the time  you are together is worth a lifetime spent without it.

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29 responses to “I love you just a little more today…”

    • Thank you so much for the sweet appreciation Pranitha😊. The words below were for all the young readers who follow my blog. While they probably may feel the words of the poem, needed to explain what true love is. With your comment, believe I did it right. Thanks Pranitha.

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      • Oh yes! Somehow along the way that seems to have been lost in the younger generation. Throwing a judgment is not the idea but I have often wondered the reason behind this and if we are in a way responsible. I believe it’s important to know as we too can inculcate in our kids as our parents did with us.

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        • Yes…maybe or maybe not. This generation is definitely smarter than us and probably are not swayed that easily. Yet, you hear of stories and as adults, we must at all times ensure that they do not read the wrong meaning into what we are saying. You are right about teaching them what our parents taught us…but we had fear…this generation is fearless.


  1. Lovely poem. Loved reading it.

    I am relatively new to blogging. Love it when I come across blogs and posts like that of yours.
    Just 3 posts old here. I am working on a series of 5 and the 4th post is on the way here.Would be glad if you could drop by my blog.

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  2. The kind of beautiful and happy love mentioned in the effortless flow of words in your poem made me happy just to think such a thing exists♥️ hope you’re doing well my friend. Have a happy weekend ☺️

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    • Such a thing does exist Vageesha and I know many who are blessed with this kind of love. It happens over years and over fights and not just over roses and gifts. It happens as long as you stay true to yourself and both you heart and head agree when you’re in love. I am glad it made you happy. I’m doing well. Thanks😘. You have a great weekend.

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      • This comment actually made me more happy than the post! Haha! I think you got me totally with when “both your heart and head agree.” That’s the crux I guess. Amazing stuff from you as usual and I’m once again glad I found you here☺️☺️

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        • Thanks Vageesha😊. I’m glad I could give you a little advice based on my experience. And the feeling is mutual. Happy to have crossed paths with you😊.


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