The Book : Chapter 1 continued…

Continuation of the story…have attached the first part below for those who missed reading it the last time. For those who did, the truth is when I wrote the first chapter, I hadn’t planned on continuing but the likes and the comments I received have motivated me to forge ahead. If you have any ideas on where the story should go, do drop in your suggestions in the comments box. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading the continuation of Chapter 1…

Dear Sis”, dated July 2013 was scrolled in blue ink, across the second page. The book did not belong to the Airlines. “Someone had forgotten to take it!” Sonia flipped through the book for any detail that provided a clue to who the owner was: an address, a phone number or at-least a name. “Why was she so concerned? Maybe because it had to do with sisters…”

The book had scribbles below the text, on few of the pages.

‘It’s not right to read another’s person’s diary…maybe I should keep it back. But, then again this isn’t really a diary, is it?” Sonia opened the book again.

“Maybe there’s something in it for me, some advice that destiny wants me to read before I start a new chapter tomorrow, in a different country, of which I know nothing…”  The movie can wait.

Standing before the refrigerator: If I have to ask myself if I’m hungry, I’m not

Sonia read the first underlined quote. “I can so relate to this,” Sonia couldn’t help but smile. Back at home, stopping her from eating had been her mom’s biggest challenge amongst many others. 3000 feet above the ground, it seemed like it was a personal message sent by God himself. “Most probably, on mom’s personal request, exclusively for me,” she grinned. It was a common joke in the house, that mom had a special connection with God and He listened to her. It was as if, God left everything else to respond to Mom’s requests. Whenever anybody needed anything, friends and family, they’d ask mum to put in a word and mom ensured she’d remember each one of them in her prayers.

“Well, looks like He actually did, “Sonia’s lips curled up thinking of it, baring a set of beautifully even teeth. Sonia was a good looking girl who didn’t think much of herself. She was 170 cm tall with clear olive skin, big, hazel-brown eyes  which were lay hidden behind over-sized glasses, hip-length auburn hair that fell in waves. She wasn’t the ‘thin’ types. But she wasn’t fat either. Daily exercise for thirty minutes and swimming twice a week, gave her a strong physique.

If I feel disapproval of someone, if I find myself ignoring or turning away from someone in a group, I am probably avoiding in myself what this person represents that I believe is true about me.

The lines had been circled. Sonia wondered what it meant to the person who had circled it. ‘Self-Introspection perhaps…’

My trouble is I analyze life instead of live it. The words, “so true” had been scribbled alongside and then the words,Live, Live, Live, Stop analyzing things! “

“Whoever it is who has underlined the quotes is someone so different from me” The lines underlined reflected a personality trait contrary to Sonia’s. Sonia cared for people but she had never given serious thought to events, situations or to what people said. That had been key to her surviving through adolescence and coming out unscathed. School hadn’t been kind to Sonia but she had gotten through the ordeal, much to per parent’s relief who had had enough on their heads and hands during her growing years.

As she skimmed through the remaining pages, some lines were highlighted; others had clouds around them. The scribbles on the pages were in 2 different hand-writings. Sonia could imagine the sisters’ scribbling against quotes that had a special meaning to each of them, amongst giggles, laughter and at times, silence. A deafening silence as deep as the ocean because sisters’ fight unlike brothers or brothers and sisters. She had seen that amongst her friends, with her mom and her aunt, her grand-mother…

It wasn’t the same with between Chutki and her. Not that there hadn’t been reason to but they shared a very different bond. With just two years’ difference, you’d expect sibling rivalry but she and Chutki were so different that they complimented each other. That’s not to say, they did not fight but those were mere quarrels; no fight crossed the night. Sonia thought of home and felt a pang. “I can’t miss home so quickly. I haven’t even landed for heaven’s sake.” The book she had stumbled upon had provided a welcome distraction but it was time to get some rest.

The flight was to land at 6.00 a.m. and the Orientation at the University was about 5 hours later. She couldn’t afford to attend the first day looking groggy. She wanted to do it all right, this time.

As Sonia placed the book back into the plastic pouch, she noticed a page jutting out.

In between the pages of the book was a neatly folded hand-made paper.

Sonia opened it carefully; her heart racing. She wasn’t sure why the folded paper had that effect on her. It was as if she was on to something. It was a note. It wasn’t addressed. It wasn’t a scribble anymore. The letters were neatly spaced out -like a letter one would write to one-self…or maybe a letter written to somebody without the intent of ever posting it.

I wish I hadn’t envied your freedom.  I wish I hadn’t thought of you as being selfish. God! I wish you hadn’t tested my patience so much and made me so angry with you. I wish you hadn’t been so caustic. God, forgive me…and please I beg You to forgive her. If only…we had the time to talk things out, to understand and to build bonds. Bonds that have slipped by… Seems like forever now…so, so many years ago. Do we have the time to begin all over again now. I think I barely know you or you me. We tried. To be fair, you always came back but again you’ve always been the one to push me away too; until you pushed so hard that it hurt and I never wanted to come back to you. Last night’s call changes everything. All the anger has gone. Please God, give us time. Why is it so difficult? Aren’t we family? Cruel fate! 

The conversation I had with mamma, ten years’ ago is now haunting me….I want to tell you about it but then again I’m not so sure. 

“What would you like to have? Some orange juice, apple or mango”, a soft, sweet voice broke the silence of the night and snapped Sonia out of the other world that she had been unconsciously allowed herself to be sucked into.

“Orange please. Thank you,” she managed a smile. Sonia had a beautiful child-like smile. A smile that reached her eyes and showed her innocent, untainted heart.

A zillion thoughts ran through her mind, as she folded the paper and put it back into the book. It was a two-page letter. She would read it later. Not now. Now she must sleep.

An attempt at story-writing – The Book…Chapter 1

Copyright© All Rights Reserved.

6 responses to “The Book : Chapter 1 continued…”

  1. twinklingwords Avatar

    You are a gifted storyteller too! I mean there is a unique and engaging story going on in this one that caught me so deeply into it, I started wondering what would happen next or what’s the purpose of the letter and you know the things we try to guess when we are too engrossed in a book/movie. Marvelous writer you are, indeed gifted with the power to momentarily drown us in your words ♥️


    1. Smitha V Avatar

      And you are very generous with your compliments. You have an uncanny ability to make a person feel good. And that’s exactly what you made me feel 🙂 Thanks Vags so much. Its encouraging since its my very first attempt.


  2. Andrea Stephenson Avatar

    The intrigue continues, you keep us hanging on but with more clues – who are these people, what has passed between them, where will their words take our heroine?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Smitha V Avatar

      😊and now I realise I chose the wrong destination – London. Wonder what I was thinking. Now I need to research on the London School is and everything else about the place to go further…thank you Andrea for reading on and sticking around with my story. Its your comment that made me continue.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Andrea Stephenson Avatar

        You’re very welcome Smitha, writing a book isn’t for everyone but it does give you a great sense of achievement if you finish one!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Smitha V Avatar

          I totally agree writing a book is very difficult but its a dream that I hope comes true some day. But for your comments I am extremely grateful. Maybe one day when I do write a book, I will send it to you for your review.😊.

          Liked by 1 person

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