World Suicide Prevention Day – Don’t Say She Didn’t Say

World Suicide Prevention Day is observed on 10 September every year. The poem written on account of this won the first prize today from WHPA (World Harmony and Peace Association)

The topic of the contest is

Struggle Rules: 12 to 16 lines

The poem has been written with ‘She’ as the subject but must be taken to mean ‘He’ as well.



She says she’s happy,

When all she’s really feeling is crappy,

She bares her teeth and smiles,

Demons, skeletons, nightmares, she has piles,

You see the calm on her face,

Of the storm brewing within her, you see no trace…

If only someone could see the pain she tries to hide,

Maybe if someone listened, she wouldn’t have lied…

Her vacant eyes tell a story that you don’t read,

To the sorrow in her voice, you don’t pay any heed,

You don’t see the tell- tale signs-

Or the meaning behind her lines,

The struggle to stay alive; its’ gnawing into her core,

And now she thinks it doesn’t matter anymore.

Help! She’s slipping away.

Don’t say, she didn’t say…


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6 responses to “World Suicide Prevention Day – Don’t Say She Didn’t Say”

  1. robbiesinspiration Avatar

    This is very moving, Smitha. It is so easy, with our busy lives, to overlook cries for help from others.


    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Yes we give it the name of ‘cribbing’ or ‘pessimism’ and who likes being around negative people but we don’t realise they need help. Thanks so much Robbie for sharing it.


  2. The Exotic Tragedy Avatar

    All the suicide prevention stuff is BS, especially for those with long-term mental illness.
    Plenty of people cry for help literally and figuratively. Some may care, but not long until they’re sick of you. Everyone leaves and pretend when you’re dead that the signs weren’t there, regardless if you’ve literally told them you’re suicidal and desperately need help.
    The only way I’ve survived so long is: luck (lots of failed attempts & destructive living); my responsibility to take care of my fur baby, William; fear of after death/ hell; and my fight to be a better person – utilitarian; live to try to add beauty to this, and not just for myself, like everyone else.


    1. Smitha V Avatar

      I have nothing to say except “thank you” for sharing your experience here and I am so glad your attempts failed. Luck, will-power, an inner calling or an angel- whoever it was or whatever it was that made you hang on and give up on taking away your life; I’m glad. Sadly , all people don’t get the help at that time and are unable to think at the time. It’s terrible that a single moment determines life itself. It’s wonderful that you choose to live your life usefully. I think that’s what each one of us needs to aim to do. For those who go on that road because of serious depression, it’s extremely sad as things seem so out of control. Again, thank you for writing in and I wish you all the best in life. May God give you strength to keep going on. And I hope like you more souls are able to save themselves or are saved.

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      1. The Exotic Tragedy Avatar

        Apologies for my tone. I didn’t mean to be hostile, and I’m definitely not discrediting your work. I just think the message presented for suicide prevention is very limited from what I’ve seen.
        I think in order to truly help, we need to be realistic, open and honest about the ugly truth. Life is a a constant battle. “Life is f*#$ing hard, even when it’s easy.” – Six Feet Under.
        Not to mention when someone becomes suicidal, that’s often too late. Our society spends way too much time and effort on resolution, instead of focusing on prevention. There needs to be more education on mental health, wellness and awareness, as well as emotional intelligence – it’s fine to have negative feelings, not dwell or dismiss them, but deal with it.


        1. Smitha V Avatar

          That’s perfectly fine. When I tagged “World Suicide Prevention Day,” I was only tagging it because of the poem that was written on the subject without giving it any more thought. That was wrong. When you visited my site because of the tag, you expected something more concrete. And to make it up, I will write another post because you’re right. We need to do more. Its unfair that people who have been blessed with life, end it. Thank you again for visiting the site and explaining it.


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