Poem 3 Published: I Love You Just As Much

The third poem published in the book Meticulous Men of Mettle written from the point of view of a father to a child.

I am sure all fathers will be able to relate to this poem. Do share your feelings once you’ve read it.


I Love You Just As Much


The moment I laid my eyes on you,
A wave so strong flowed in every nerve and sinew,
And when I held you in my arm,
An urge, powerful, emerged from the depths; to protect you from all harm
And I made a promise.

When I looked into your big, black eyes, I saw my world
And your soft, brown curl, unconsciously I twirled
Your skin like silk, I was scared to touch; lest I might hurt
But when you held my finger tight, emotions through every cell did spurt-
And the life I knew had changed.

Then you gurgled, a toothless smile you gave
It made me choke, made my heart crave
for more; my entire being ached to leave, but I had to go
“You did not give birth, no leaves for fathers, ” they said, “Oh no!”
And so for the evening, I had to wait, for your cherubic smile.

But your day was done and you’d be asleep and yet for my sake-
A secret I must confess, I would hope you’d wake
For the night was all I had, with you
When the world would sleep, and it would be just us two
And I held you close and thanked the stars.

And so a father must wait
A decision made by the Heavens above and followed by the State
Nine months first and then, for the end of every day
A mother’s love is incomparable, that’s what they say
But is a father ever given the choice to make?

I was not the womb that bore you
Or the breast that nursed you
But I will be the roof that shelters you
The wall that stands behind you
And the shadow that follows you.

I will be with you, as long as you need me to
And I will let you go when you want me to
I will listen to you when you need me to
And if not I’ll be here waiting for you
For a father knows to wait.

I love you just as much as your mother
Forever Yours,



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2 responses to “Poem 3 Published: I Love You Just As Much”

  1. Sindhu Punnoose Avatar

    Appreciate your great quality of looking from different angles of a prism. Moreover you’ve presented this by choosing and arranging language for its meaning, sound and rhythm.


    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you so much Sindhu for your appreciation of the poem. It means a lot.


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