Believe in Yourself…You owe it to YOU!

We’ve all been there: on the path of self-doubt. Experiences, over-protective or critical parents/teachers, taunts by class-mates or friends and we end up doubting or mistrusting ourselves. And instead of trusting ourselves,  we trust others.. Weird right? But that’s the truth. Tell me if you’ve been down this road and what you did to get out and how many years it took for you to have faith in you. Your comments could help many others.


When no matter how hard you try, it isn’t enough,
And the journey ahead seems nothing but tough,
When friends ridicule you and others mock,
Stand steadfast; be a rock!

When those who love you, doubt your ability,
And in their eyes, you see the fear, the uncertainty-
Though they dare not say; ‘Pray don’t bother’
Have faith, keep going, know it’s’ only bad weather!

You know, you can be what you want to be,
If you can only say ‘I believe in me!’
And you dare to rise after every fall; wiser
Know then, that you will succeed; sooner or later!

For nothing is constant, not even failure,
And nothing is impossible, of this, be sure.
Your time will come, from the path don’t falter,
Know, you in no way are lesser than another!

Every bruise shall make you stronger,
Your life a furnace to make you better,
Know after every dark night, comes a bright new day,
Just believe in yourself; you will find the way!

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6 responses to “Believe in Yourself…You owe it to YOU!”

  1. bigskybuckeye Avatar

    Inspiring poem. Now I retired from teaching, I had to rework my craft when I moved to a large urban school system for the final ten years of my career. The journey was humbling at times as well as rewarding. As I look back now, I am amazed that I survived the first year . . . but never say QUIT!


    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you so much. Regret my late reply. Am on Christmas holiday. You said it…” Never say Quit.” It takes a lot of courage and strength to carry on even when success seems far away but at the end it pays. Thank you for sharing your journey and hope you had an amazing Christmas!

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  2. Kurian Avatar

    Totally agree Smitha. Believe in self. Great


    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thanks Kurian. Good to see you here. How is Kerala now?


  3. Andrea Stephenson Avatar

    A very powerful poem Smitha with that valuable reminder that those bruises do make us stronger. I was bullied at school and I think it has given me many of the traits I have – not all ones I would like, but good ones such as a real sense of fairness and empathy and perhaps the insight that helped me become a writer. I do believe we can get through the hard times by taking each day at a time and it’s only afterwards that we realise what they’ve given us.


    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you so much Andrea for sharing your experience and for your ‘as always’ encouraging comment (It makes me want to write:)) I believe those of us who have been down that path have become better because of it, while like you said, there’ll always be a faint memory that threatens to resurface and leave us weaker. But if we can manage that, and use it constructively through writing or art, like you beautifully do, it makes it so beautifully different and unique from anybody else who has not been on that path. XXX

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