India Diaries 8 : There’s so much that’s going on…I feel I can’t keep up

India Diaries 8 : There’s so much that’s going on…I feel I can’t keep up



Ever heard that line before? If I had heard it while I had a job, I’d crinkle my nose and roll my eyes. “Seriously, what are you doing that you can’t keep up? You’re not even working!”


O.k. , here’s my story…

In order to keep myself occupied, in the absence of a real job, (so I do not breakdown on account of boredom) and in an effort to do all that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to, I joined the gym, which I go to thrice a week and decided to do art twice a week. Doesn’t sound too much, right? I know. But add to that the children, home, entertaining friends and family and an ageing father; my hands are full.

I had no idea when I started painting, that I’d get so addicted to it; I’d end up sitting all day sketching and painting, fixing and re-fixing, and my writing and reading would go on the back-burner.  The scary part was, I did not even miss writing. And when I finally noticed, it felt like I was digressing from the chosen path. You know, kind of becoming ‘Jack of all arts and master of none,’ and I shared my fear with the one person who’s always there to listen (or probably has no choice but to listen;)); my husband.

“I used to write so much more, before I moved to this country and that was, with a full-time job. Writing came to me so naturally.”

I am taking a step back here to see the big picture, to find myself in the midst of the chaos:  I need to do this to rein in my horses before they gallop away.


There are way too many distractions here.

I count and recount on my fingers, again and again, I cannot believe that it’s only been five and a half months since we moved to India and there have been 5 festivals celebrated, 2 sets of exams for the girls’, 3 parent-teacher’s meetings, dad’s hospital visits which have reduced from a daily basis during the first 3 months to once a month (Thank God!), month-long celebrations and sight-seeing with extended family (again a blessing to have), a 5 km run in between that we took part in and a constant influx of friends ( also a blessing) visiting us here in Mumbai, to see if we’ve settled well, a book launch, and a trip to Delhi to take part in the first Asian Literary Confluence. Add to all this, managing the domestic help here, who have a mind of their own and a heart full of emotions ! It’s all too overwhelming for the introvert.

Nothing ever happens in the U.A.E. (which is what people who’ve lived there, love)

For someone who’s lived their life in the U.A.E, where every day is rather predictable (which may translate to boring, for some) and moves like a well-oiled machinery ; without mincing words, the experience in India has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. And while it’s taken me 5 and a half whole months to complete a circle and get my feet back on the ground, I must steer my boat and take charge for fear of going headlong into the current, before this ride takes me up again and in the blink of an eye, my first year here passes by.



As I write, I realize that its taken me so long to see that I had unconsciously replaced my solitary morning walks with evening family walks. Whoever has read my earlier posts, will know how much I love my morning walks, when the world is asleep and the sky is still dark and even the birds have not begun stirring. The few times I have ventured out in the mornings, its after the world’s woken up, the car cleaners have begun their job and the school buses have turned into the gate to pick up the school kids. And those rare occasions had been restricted to walking around the building or in the adjacent garden (which is connected to the building).

That’s just not the same as walking beyond the gates, and experiencing the world outside; is it? 🙂busy3

If you’re wondering what to make of me rambling on and on, I understand. This post was meant…like I said, to gain clarity, to harness my thoughts and to put some order to the chaos. I feel better already, knowing that so much has happened and it’s not even half a year since we’ve been here. But to avoid feeling overwhelmed, I just have to follow the Zen way of

life. Hopefully, things will be easier then

Thanks as always for reading the post and a bigger thanks for sticking to the end of this one :). I really needed to do this.

Just in case, you wanted to see what I have been painting, here it is.



Season’s Greetings to all you out there

Yours’ truly,

The Introvert


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23 responses to “India Diaries 8 : There’s so much that’s going on…I feel I can’t keep up”

    • Thank you Ronin for the good words. It’s very encouraging. Glad to have you visit my blog. I hope you enjoy reading the posts and look forward to your comments.😊🌷


  1. You do sound as though you’ve got a lot on Smitha – and don’t forget the upheaval of moving to another country what was really only a short time ago! Your paintings are vibrant and lovely – sometimes there is a time for words and sometimes not – when my mother was terminally ill I couldn’t write or read for about 4 years and I turned to painting. Now that period in my life is over I do more writing, but still have the painting to enjoy as well 🙂


    • Thank you Andrea for the support and encouragement. Sometimes you just need to hear it from somebody. And thank you for the compliment on the paintings. Coming from an artist it means a lot. I felt so much better reading your comment. It reduced my guilt. I felt like I had to force myself to write but not anymore. I’m hoping and believing it will come back to me, one day just like it did,to you. 🤗🌷 for being a wonderful friend😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think when you move to a different area, or even country, it can be like going on holiday for a while and life is busy fitting all the new experiences in. After a while, I’m sure things will settle down and you’ll develop your routines and writing will come back to you. I’m feeling a bit like you at the moment but, in my case, it is because I have gone back to work after many years home educating. I’m struggling to fit writing in around the exhausting routine of holding down a job. I’m hoping things will settle and I’ll get used to it and then the writing will return!


  3. Here there’s a mix of some super things Smitha. First the wonderful quote. Then about the numerous functions and occasions in India and then some fabulous pictures. Happy 😊


  4. Hi Smitha, I see you have been truly occupied. I hope to see more of your writings if your are thinking of doing it more. But the painting looks perfect too. So it’s on you which art you think of pursuing more. You seem to excel at both.


  5. Wow! You have been on a roll girl! See life is so busy and interesting here in India 😀 And I just say, you’ve painted really nice…that’s another talent of yours. Keep going as always and feel free to talk when you are overwhelmed 😀😀


    • Wow Vands…It’s great to see you here after such a long time. Oh yes! Life is busy here and it’s so easy to be thrown in the sea of things. Thank you for being there for me Vands. You’re the good I found in this country. Hugs😘

      Liked by 1 person

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