Quote :3/2019 Be Happy

Since it’s still January, still the beginning of the year, I thought I could share another quote for the year with all of you’ll today; words that you’ve probably said to yourself so many times or heard someone saying it to you but you haven’t really implemented it because you’re just too nice or too naive (I don’t mean to be mean)…nice to everybody but you.

This year, let’s focus on ‘us’. No, its not selfishness. Not if you’re doing your duty and taking care of your responsibilities. Not if you’re not taking others for granted and not if you’re not stepping over someone else to focus on yourself.

There are times life hits you hard on the face and you have to live with it. But you can choose who stays with you and makes the journey easier and who needs to go. That’s your choice. Use your right to choose this year. And Be Happy for You Have One Life! And those who want to join you on your journey, they better make you feel right or be left out. Cheers.


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9 responses to “Quote :3/2019 Be Happy”

  1. Andrea Stephenson Avatar

    Those are wise sentiments Smitha, we have to look after ourselves first to be able to look after others 🙂


    1. Smitha V Avatar

      And these sentiments come after several pitfalls and bruises 😊❤

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  2. Kurian Avatar

    Nice post Smitha


    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you Kurian

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      1. Kurian Avatar

        You are welcome Smitha


  3. Moushmi Radhanpara Avatar

    Yes, I agree with you.let’s focus on ‘us’.


    1. Smitha V Avatar

      🙂 About time right? Now that we’ve decided, there’s no looking back. All the Best to you Moushmi in your journey.

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  4. bigskybuckeye Avatar

    I enjoy reading your writing and thoughts. We all have to make each day precious for us and those we love and care about.


    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you and I enjoy reading your comments. The post feels worthy. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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