A Kind Soul

A Kind Soul

When I read this prompt, I closed my eyes to think of what kindness meant to me. I thought of all the people I had met and I had taken an instant liking to without knowing them or the people I knew and I felt immensely comfortable with, and they all had  similar features because of a common trait – ‘Kindness.’

Let me know once you read this poem, if you feel the same.


kind soul2

I spotted the one right away
In the midst of a crowd
Amidst the busy traffic and the noise;
Wasn’t a spark, but an amicable twinkle-
Rays from which did gently crinkle
Wasn’t the perfectly chiseled nose
Or the chin or the eyes like a doe’s
Was the visage…mellow, radiant and cheerful
And the lips that curved up, sweet and thoughtful.
A unique beauty par comparison
Needs no embellishment or introduction
A perfumed rose in a bouquet of flowers
A lighthouse amongst tall, sturdy towers                                                                                        Makes its mark without a shout                                                                                                A precious virtue, never to flout
A glowing star, in a veil of darkness
Standing calm, unruffled
Making allowance for all, remains unperturbed.

A kind soul shone

In a tender touch
A calming voice
And something in the eyes                                                                                                                    that screams, love for all beings                                                                                                          For life, and all the others things                                                                                                    that make it.                                                                                                                                     




Is that who you are – ‘A kind soul?’

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