Mumbai Diaries – Corona Times – Salt in my kitchen



I’ve run out of salt

And it’s all my fault

Oh! I am so pissed

I had even made a list –

Rice, flour, oil and pulse

Other than ‘white gold,’ I have all else

But what good are they all

Without the unassuming, modest salt?


Why not get some? you’d say

I would, if it was any ordinary day

But these times are different

I must stay in. I can’t be indifferent

I’ve placed the order

Now wait I must, to fill the larder

We’re under a lock-down

It’s not the time to crib and its not the time to frown



It’s not the time to complain and it’s not the time to sob

We must find a solution that will do the salt’s job

Nature’s bountiful gift – magic dust

One for which my taste-buds lust

Overrules all the spices of Arabia – modest white sand

A sprinkle enough to save the dish from being bland

I rack my brains

An alternative I must find for the white grains






I know!

Pickles! Mango, lime, garlic, chili shall end the woe

And save the day

Until salt to my kitchen shelf, makes its way!


Copyright© All Rights Reserved.

P.S – There’s always a solution to a problem if you keep your mind open. Don’t be the one who looks for a problem. Be the one who looks for a solution.


11 responses to “Mumbai Diaries – Corona Times – Salt in my kitchen”

  1. Abirbhav Avatar

    An awesome idea Madam..!! Pickles do contain a lot of salt, which function as preservatives.
    A brilliant application of Chemistry by the way..!! Thank you for sharing.. 😊
    (btw, rock salt can also pitch in as a substitute, if you are wary of the oil content in pickles)

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Ha ha…you always have a good word to say. My Rock salt’s in the bathroom so…that’s not an option. I have to admit,I thought of it🙂. A little pickle on the side is currently our lifesaver…until the delivery.

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      1. Abirbhav Avatar

        Well, you always do something good and innovative, hence the words.. 🙂 appreciate the smart application of Science, outside the theoretical domain, to solve your real life problem.. I like application of concepts.. 🙂
        It’s a pleasure meeting you Madam.. You are a multi-talented person, with mastery over poetry, writing, banking, numbers and Science.. Hope to learn more.. 😀
        (btw, the current location of rock salt, as you mentioned, threw me off guard.. 😛 There is a solution though in distillation, but that would be too cumbersome to implement)

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        1. Smitha V Avatar

          Lol…the rock salt in the bathroom so that it could be added to water in a bucket to soak feet in and also to remove negative energy. Its kept in an canister as a short-cut to going to the kitchen each day. Sadly, even with it in the washroom, it lies untouched. 🙂 That’s innate lethargy.

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          1. Abirbhav Avatar

            That’s something new I learnt, thanks to you.. ☺️ (the innate lethargy being the first one.. 😉😅)


  2. Ramachandran Nair T.N. Avatar
    Ramachandran Nair T.N.

    Salty issue. Love you salt. I can go on without sugar but not without you, dear salt.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Ha ha. Nice one. The lockdown has made you a poet


  3. Nabeela Avatar

    This may happen to anyone in this situation…. We have to think about alternatives like you!!!

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you Nabeela for being so understanding and encouraging. Helps all the time and especially now 🙂

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  4. lynnfay73 Avatar

    Maybe a neighbor can leave a bit by your door!! (but pickle juice IS pretty salty. I just used some in some egg salad because I didn’t have any dill!)

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      It is. But it’s not the pickle vegetables in brine. The Indian picked serve as amazing condiment. But if my delivery does not arrive in a few days,I’ll just have to ask the neighbors. Thx Lynn for the idea. We’re all going through it and it’s connecting us in an eerie way. You tc!


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