NaPoWriMo – Day 0 – An ode to the Sparrow

Today, as part of the early bird prompt, we’ve been asked to write about our favorite bird. For me it is none other than the House Sparrow. With us being under a lock-down, he’s the only one who comes visiting.

A little brown birdie

With a pearl grey belly

visits me daily

when nobody

else dares to come

He flies into the kitchen balcony

For his breakfast, lunch and tea

Peeps and scans for a potential enemy

Then makes a secret entry
Past sturdy grills and nets

Perching precariously

He hops on his tiny feet, deftly

Then bends his dainty

neck, and pecks hungrily

At the grains laid out for him

He cocks his head occasionally

And looks at me peculiarly

Before he flies away – content and free

While, I watch enviously

From where I stand confined

How I wait eagerly

For this little brown birdie, with the pearl grey belly

Who visits me daily

when nobody

else dares to come

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