NaPoWriMo Day 20 : The Gift

Today, in gratitude for making it to Day 20, our (optional) prompt asks you to write a poem about a handmade or homemade gift that you have received. It could be a friendship bracelet made for you by a grade-school classmate, an itchy sweater from your Aunt Louisa, a plateful of cinnamon toast from your grandmother, a mix-tape from an old girlfriend. And whatever gift you choose, we wish you happy writing!

I wrote this poem as a tribute to a friend who I met last year after more than three decades.


The Gift

Eighteen green stones

One for every two years’ gone

Embedded in a cast of gold

Strung together in an unbreakable bond

Built on sweet mango pickle, Toblerone

And dwindling memories of life at eleven

I wear our friendship around my neck

Past salvaged by your patience and time

I trace my fingers on each lemony drop

That gently rests on my chest and falls below my collarbone

And I see a celebration of who you’ve become

From a pig-tailed girl to a woman, who found passion in creation

P.S. You could’ve given me anything

but you chose to give me this:

a gift made by you-unique and exclusive

Especially for me

And I see you haven’t changed- you’re just the same

Beautiful, sensitive and creative

And the memories flood back of lamington cakes, tamarind trees and the year five dormitory.

Made by my friend Kalpana Gohil and gifted to me in August 2019. Met her after 35 years!

Copyright© All Rights Reserved.

Our poetry resource for today is Commonplace, a podcast that features “conversations with poets (and other people.”)

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