Lockdown Diaries : Acrylic Painting on canvas

As the lockdown continues my brain’s gone in lockdown mode too. As words play hooky with me, I’m keeping it engaged with art.  The splash of colors comes as a relief from the daily news on TV- ‘Corona cases on the rise in the United States, India, Brazil, Russia,’ ‘Second wave in China’ and it goes on. I hope the lure of art continues through this period and long after and more than anything I hope we can all go back to normal. Normal as in walking without wearing masks and breathing without fear, sitting at restaurants and sipping on our coffees without worrying about sanitizers and the man who served us coffee or the seat we are sitting on or the cup we sip from, talking, shaking hands, passing by each other without being paranoid.

While we courageously carry on, each in our own way, here’s the painting I completed on the day of the Amphan cyclone – June 3rd. Amphan was Mumbai’s first cyclone. We geared up for it by clearing our balconies, filling water in buckets and charging our phones and torches in case there was a power cut which was highly unlikely as Mumbai has underground cables yet nothing seems unlikely these days. Thankfully it passed us by without much damage.

Based on a painting on Pinterest by Kha Trung (touchofcolorr.blogspot.com)

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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