All I need

This morning my husband and I went for a walk just after the rains. There was nobody out there but us. I had not carried my mobile phone so I could not take any pictures. But this is how I felt. I hope the words reach you despite the absence of pictures.

Here’s the poem


Give me a quiet path

Flanked by trees

And strewn with leaves

Add a protrusion of vines

A sprinkle of twigs

Small puddles of rain water

Not too many, just a few

here and there

And let there be wild flowers

In the corners

On the tree trunks and o’er the walls

Peeping      unobtrusively

From their hiding places

In spaces

In the grass

a dash of color

Beneath boulders

And the stones I tread on

And      I shall be happy


I understand today what Vincent Van Gogh meant when he said –

Vincent Van Gogh

Below is a piece of art I did last week based on a painting by Peter Sheeler


Let me know what you think of the poem and the art. Also, have you felt like this recently, in the midst of the lockdown – where something seemingly simple made you happy. Would love to hear about it. 

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6 responses to “All I need”

  1. balroop2013 Avatar

    Happiness is that simple! Love the way your words flow towards it. 🙂

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you so much. Its always a pleasure to hear from you❤

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  2. robbiesinspiration Avatar

    A lovely poem, Smitha. I think after the lock down we are all finding comfort in nature and its beauty and freedom.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you Robbie! I suppose as survivors we look for happiness in what we have.


  3. Gopalasamudram Subramanian Avatar
    Gopalasamudram Subramanian

    Your quoting Van Gogh made me happy for he is my favorite artist. You should read ‘Lust for Life’ by Irving Stone a fictionalized biography o Vangogh’s life. It is one of the most intense books I have read. I did a review of the book in the book club when I was in Ahmedabad. There is also an old movie with Kirk Douglas as Van Gogh and Anthony Quin as Paul Gauguin. Coming back to the words you wrote it is a perfect subject for a painting and I hope you do it. Your painting of the lone tree shorn of its leaves framed by the winter snow is excellent. It reminded me of what I have described in my book ‘Autumn Leaves’. Great going.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you so much for reading and writing back. I learn so much from your comments. This quote came to life today for me. I felt immense satisfaction and gratitude just being part of it all. I will try to get the book and look for the movie.
      I thought so too…about having a painting to go with the poem. Only my inadequate skills wouldn’t do justice to the place. But now that you’ve told me to, I will give it a try. I have not read ‘Autumn leaves.’ Is it a book on poetry?


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