The below watercolor was done based on a painting by Tatiana Korolewa which I found on Instagram. The painting is of a place in Russia. Imagine my surprise when I shared it on Facebook and a friend in my hometown, Mangalore shared a photograph of a place that looked similar. It set me thinking of how often we dream of distant lands, faraway things and let ourselves be disheartened because of the inaccessibility; forgetting to appreciate the beauty close and around us.

This post is a reminder to appreciate the beauty at home. I am absolutely certain that the wild flowers, mountains, streams, sun, sand and beaches that you dream about and that make your heart beat race are in your neighborhood too. Thankfully, nature has been kind and provided every country a fair share of beauty. Though there may be a difference in the flora, fauna and temperature, you will still find the calmness that you’re looking for, if you open your heart and change your perspective to things around you.

So, though travelling to other countries may not be possible due to the pandemic, there is no need to despair. Find places that you wish to see, that are a drive away and go. With lesser tourists, hotels providing a better bargain to attract customers, work from home option and the holiday season this is the perfect time to explore.

Before I end, would love to know what you think of the painting and if you have found new places in your city during the lockdown that you felt grateful for. Do share your feedback in the comments section. The name for the painting, ‘Calmness,’ was suggested by an ex-colleague. What do you think of it?

Bye until next time. Explore with care. Stay safe.


12 responses to “ART: CALMNESS”

  1. Yes, I agree. These sights of home are important and they help ground us in these anxious times. I grew up in a small city. After my mother’s death I painted a picture of the house I grew up in–it was a meditation of gratitude for my stable, loving childhood. I painted a watercolor of the walkway to my front door, such a welcome sight for me upon return from my business travels. Lately, I am seeing the small flashes of autumn beauty here on my own small patch of land. I capture them in photos and paintings. I walked to the nearby riverbank park and painted a photo of the view. I should have gotten out and done more plein aire painting this summer, that’s my only regret.

    I remain an armchair traveller, happily painting from photos, comfortable at home with my husband, one son and an old cat. I am very conscious of my blessings–that the support of my family allowed our little family to live in this place for a quarter of a century.

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    • That sounds calming in itself…you painting the house and the walkway. I never thought of it. Do share your paintings Jo. I’d love to see them. I started painting regularly only now during the lockdown. I haven’t done any outside. I dont think I’m ready for that as yet. I love the ones you’ve done and shared on your blog.
      Its wonderful that you are so aware of what you have unlike a lot of people who are too busy envying what others have and forget God’s blessings to them. I enjoy change. Its probably because I’ve been moving since childhood. I cant imagine how it is to stay in a place for 25 years. Though now I would like to choose a place and start laying the foundation so I can go back to it when we are done with our moving( on account of work).
      Thanks Jo for writing back. It was lovely reading your comment.


  2. Beautiful quote, beautiful painting and beautiful post! I agree there is so much nature around for us to revere and indulge in. I realized that wherever we are on this planet, we do dream of exploring far off lands, and when possible make those attempts. 2020 gave an opportunity to discover the peace and the joy right in our backyards, town or perhaps just that one tree visible from our window.

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    • Thank you so much Pragalbha. Exactly. There’s enough beauty around. I too realized it during the lockdown. I so agree with you on that ‘one tree’🙂. It never fails to amaze me.
      Wishing you and your family a very Happy and blessed Diwali.

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  3. Inspiring and profound post, Smitha. Such a beautiful quote by Ralph of calmness and loved the painting too. Have not gone anywhere during the lockdown so cannot tell of the beautiful surroundings except urban life which I see everyday from my balcony. Great post.

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    • Thank you dear Kamal. I loved the quote too. Its so simple and yet so deep. I’m glad you liked it too.
      I hope you can venture out soon…with a mask though. Going on a long drive is relatively safe as there are fewer people around. Take care Kamal and thank you again for reading. Have a wonderful weekend!


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