I came across this review by chance. I was looking for a poem written by me published on Borderless Journal, so I typed my name on Google and out came a list of sites my name had been mentioned on. One of them was the link

Thank you Manoj for this amazing review that I happened to see today- on Diwali.

This is what the author Manoj Krishnan says about the poetry book co-authored by me.


Book Review: Roads- A Journey with Verses


Author: Ms. Vandana Bhasin and Ms. Smitha Vishwanath

Language: English

Publisher: Notion Press

” Roads- A Journey with Verses” is a collection of poems written by Ms. Vandana Bhasin and Ms. Smitha Vishwanath. This book takes the readers to a memorable journey of verses where they get a chance to see life and its beautiful emotions through writers’ perspectives. At one point, you will feel to introspect about your own odyssey. That’s the beauty of this book!

Ms. Vandana Bhasin has excelled both in the field of poetry and prose. She has won numerous accolades for her soulful writings. Recently she has been awarded as the winner of the Asian Literary Society’s Wordsmith Award 2019.

Banker turned writer Ms. Smitha Vishwanath is an erudite poetess whose rich imagery and profound knowledge of human emotions are indeed praiseworthy. She has won laurels in the literary field for her exemplary writing skills.

What I liked:

I did not find any deliberate attempt to stretch the poems. The writers successfully presented their thoughts in these poems. The selection of powerful words enhanced their beauty.

Unlike most of the poetry books, Where titles are embellished with ornamental words, I find this book’s title simple but quite appealing.

Most of the poems have been weaved around profound thoughts which compels you to pause and ponder for a minute.

The interesting division of the book in three major sections and further sub-sections. Clubbing poems on courage, wisdom, serenity in the first section; love, compassion, strength in the second section and keeping verses on joy, hope, and gratitude in the last section was an innovative idea and it really impressed me.

Most of the titles of the poems are thought-provoking. They would arouse interest to flip through the pages and read them. And believe me! the verses would not disappoint you.

Most Interesting Part:

Apart from major sections and sub-sections, I find many of these poems, good choices for recitations. They are powerful and have the capability to draw the attention of the audience. You will feel connected until the last line.

I find small captions written by Ms. Vandana Bhasin and Ms. Smitha Vishwanath before each sub-section interesting as well as quite meaningful.

The book is well-edited and the pictures used before each sub-section are cleverly chosen. My personal favorite is the one that is chosen to introduce the courage sub-section.

The impressive writing by  Ms. Vandana Bhasin and Ms. Smitha Vishwanath. The hard work done by them is quite visible when you read it.

Overall Opinion:

I recommend “Roads- A Journey with Verses” to all poetry lovers. It is interesting to read the tapestry of words weaved by these two writers.

Overall Rating: 

I give this book a five-star rating for incorporating so many new ideas in it and the sincere effort put by Ms. Vandana Bhasin and Ms. Smitha Vishwanath to make this book worth reading.

To order a copy of the book, you can click on the below


  1. robbiesinspiration Avatar

    Congratulations on this wonderful review, ladies.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you so much Robbie. It came as a pleasant surprise.


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