TEN Things I learnt by WATCHING Dad!

I wrote this post in 2017. I remember sharing it with dad on WhatsApp. He did not reply. When I asked him the next day if he had read it, he said, ‘I did nothing. It was your mother who managed it all. You and your sister are the way you’ll are because of her.’ I’m glad I told him what he meant to me. When I shared the post with my younger sister. She simply said that she agreed to every word of it. I told him that too. He did not reply. I guess he wasn’t great at taking compliments.


via Daily Prompt: Ten

The moment I read the prompt “Ten”today, a number oflists of ten sprung to my mind- ‘the ten things that I am immensely grateful for’, ‘ten beautiful memories’,’ ten best holiday destinations’, ‘ten things I truly detest’,… Then there was this topic- a topic I have long wanted to write on but never knew how and where to begin because what one learns from a parent is endless.

However, the topic “ten” sets a boundary, so this is the perfect start for this subject. I have thought of writing this often, because who I am today is primarily because ofthese ten things that I learnt from my dad without him ever saying it. I learnt by watching!

My dad was and is a strict disciplinarian. I looked up to him just like any child does and trusted his ability to save me from anybody or anything.I…

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