A hymn for the night – Should I tell them about thee?

Should I tell them about thee-

Of the secrets we keep

That it is in your solitude and tender company-

I am at ease even when I cannot sleep.

Should I tell them of ‘The Others’ that visit me in the dark-

those who they think have gone, what would they say if they knew

Would they poke fun and say, ‘ What a lark!’

or would they, like you, know it’s true?

Should I tell them why I draw the curtains, just a little-

How your enveloping, darkness arouses my passion

Would they call me an infidel

If I tell them that how when your mellow light bathes me, I shed my inhibition

How many more questions shall I ask of thee?

How much more poetry to thee shall I write?

Shall you never tire of me?

I ask thee, tonight

P.S. This poem was written based on a prompt given by a group called ‘The Significant League.’ They’re providing prompts independently as part of the National Poetry Writing Month.

Copyright@SmithaVishwanathsblog.com. All Rights Reserved.

One response to “A hymn for the night – Should I tell them about thee?”

  1. Athira Avatar

    Beautiful Smitha


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