ART : On my ledge

I did this painting based on a painting I saw on Instagram posted by a gallery. I had no idea them that the painting was done by a very famous Russian artist, Yuri Kugach in 1971, or that it was an oil painting. It was only later when I decided to tag the artist that I found out.

A little about the artist

People’s Artist of the USSR, a valid member of the USSR Academy of Arts, winner of the Stalin Prize of the USSR (1950). He studied at the art school ′′ Memory of 1905 ′′ at N.P. Krymov (1931-1936), at the V.I. Surikov Moscow State University (1936). – 1945) at S.V. Gerasimov. Portraitist, author of genre paintings, which were held in the traditions of the Russian realistic school of painting. He taught at V.I. Surikov Moscow State University. Participated in numerous foreign exhibitions around the world. The works of the author are located in the GTG, in the Kiev Museum of Russian Art, in the art museums of Gorky, Rostov, Kharkov, Lviv and Taganrog.🇬🇧Yuri Kugach “Apple tree branch”, 1971

Este Gallery

I did the painting on a 18″ X 14″ canvas using acrylic paint.

On my ledge

Below is a close-up of the painting

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