Treasuring Poetry – Meet poet and artist, Smitha Vishwanath

I’m very grateful to Robbie Cheadle for hosting me on ‘Treasuring Poetry’, a platform where she interviews fellow poets and showcases their work. I’ve known Robbie for the last six years- since I began blogging and though we may not have met, I’m very proud that my painting hangs on a wall in her beautiful home in S.Africa. Robbie is not only super talented but is also very supportive of fellow bloggers. She wears many hats with ease – among the many that she wears is that of a poet, a baker and an author. To find out more about her, do check out her blog, Robbie’s Inspiration.

Here is an excerpt of the interview

Which of your own poems is your favorite?

There are quite a few poems I like – some for the flow, some for the imagery and some for the memories they bring back with them, there’s one poem that has stood the test of time. It’s a poem I penned when my girls were one and three respectively. Seventeen years later, the girls have grown into young ladies with a distinct personality, but it’s beautiful how the description of them in the poem still holds true. It’s special because this poem is one thing that the girls agree about.

Tender Moments

I sneak silently into the room
A quick peek I take of my budding blooms
Their breathing soft – rises and falls, a melodious rhapsody
To the soothing sound of a Spanish symphony

Their countenance silken smooth; serene
Tugs my heart, an enticing scene
Each distinctly different…

To read the rest of the interview, please click here.

2 responses to “Treasuring Poetry – Meet poet and artist, Smitha Vishwanath”

  1. Vineetha Brijesh Avatar
    Vineetha Brijesh

    Beautiful poem smitha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you, dear Vineetha!


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