I miss you so bad

I miss you so bad
I thought I was done
                         missing you
You had to go            
             everybody has to           someday.
I've been telling myself 
                        and it's been okay

I feel you              closer  
             than before
those days you looked at me     
                         as if I were the traffic        
during rush hour 
               or a distant voice          a memory 

I thought I was done     
                                        missing you
But,      I am not 
            Today          I feel like a ship
that's hit a rock                  it's getting heavy
                   I feel myself keel
over                                    Helpless                     
         Frightened               I close my eyes and pray

like you've always told me          I'm going down
Thud!                           I touch the ground
       There's nowhere to go now           lower 
I feel you      I'm going up                  higher

higher                    I'm gliding
        You're hauling me            I feel the wind on my face
It's buoying me    

I'm soaring         my wings,       look
                    Mamma, can you see me?     

I wrote this poem for Eugi's prompt, 'Soaring'

A little note on the poem : 
It's been fifteen years since I lost my mother and the truth is I don't think of her very often. But, today I found myself missing her...like really missing her. Not because I was sad, but, 
because I was happy. I miss being able to share my happy news with her, I miss the way 
her eyes danced when something made me happy, and I miss hearing her rooting for me. 

Copyright@smithavishwanathsblog.com. All Rights Reserved.


20 responses to “I miss you so bad”

    • I didn’t think that was possible because it’s so long ago…your words are comforting. Thank you so much, for writing back and understanding. It was written on an impulse and I thought it was raw, but that’s what I wanted to say. It makes me happy to know that you liked it. Thank you!

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    • Thank you so much, Robbie. I did not start off the poem thinking it was going to end on a happy note but thanks to Eugi’s prompt, ‘Soaring’, I had to, and soon enough, I did feel better. It’s nice that you specifically pointed it out. 🙂

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  1. Your poem is heartfelt and beautiful, Smitha. I’m so glad you felt you needed to pen this poem and share your emotions with us. Thank you so much for joining in. ❤️

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    • Thank you so much,Eugene for the prompt,for reading and writing back. I was actually going down, down, down. But, then I saw your prompt, added the soaring bit, and felt lighter after pouring my heart out. So, thank you❤.

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    • Thank you very much for your warm words of appreciation and understanding, Darlene. Yes, it’s the happy things that I miss sharing, Unfortunately, nobody else cares as much for the things you care about…as much as your mother.

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