Thursday Doors: A visit to Sarnath- the seat of Buddhism

Thursday Doors: A visit to Sarnath- the seat of Buddhism

I thought of giving ‘Thursday Doors’ a miss as I’m taking part in the NaPoWriMo challenge (writing 30 poems to prompt over 30 days), but it was too tempting to miss. So, here I am again with the last few pictures I had taken during my recent trip to Sarnath.

Here are my doors for today

This gold-painted door opens up to the Sri Lanka Mahabodhi temple in Sarnath, where Lord Buddha gave his first discourse.
This is another picture of the same door but with the priest, a Buddhist monk, before it. He seems to be frowning but he didn’t really object to me clicking his picture. So, I guess, it was just the hot weather that made him frown.

The bright red-painted door opens up to the Wat Thai temple in Sarnath. It was sponsored by the Thai. Inside you can see the statue of Lord Buddha
The door leading to the Jain temple in Sarnath. Notice the beautiful blue fresco work over the door and on the sides.
Can you see the gold-painted doors? This is the interior of the Jain temple in Sarnath

And last, but not least is this lovely peachish-pink door on the side of the Mahabodhi temple

I’m linking my post to Dan’s Thursday Doors challenge. If you enjoy seeing beautiful doors check out the link above. Door lovers across the globe add their weekly posts in the comments section on Dan’s post. All Rights Reserved.

15 responses to “Thursday Doors: A visit to Sarnath- the seat of Buddhism”

  1. Oh my oh my oh my! I love it how you displayed them in the order of awesomeness, in my opinion, even though all are special. The last one is the most aesthetic, but the penultimate is the most in my style. I find it so cheerful and energetic! Beautiful that you decided to show us these after all.


  2. Thank you for carving some time out of an already busy month to share some lovely doors with us, Smitha. I appreciate that, and these are beautiful doors, entrances and the look at the room behind the door is amazing. Good luck with your other challenge!

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