Just enough

Just enough

I had written an earlier poem on the first showers Mumbai received on 10th June. I thought the Monsoons had come but it turned out to be a trick nature played on us. After the 10th, it rained on the 16th- just enough to lower the temperature. This poem is a stream-of-consciousness poem that came to me as I stepped out for my morning walk on the 16th.

Today, it rained again
Six days after the first showers
Marking six days
of my daughter's arrival.

Today, it rained again
just enough to make the leaves on the trees glisten
and wet the ground
beneath our feet

It rained just enough
For a cool breeze to erase the frown
on our faces
and bring a smile to our lips

Just enough
To make puddles between the tiles
in the courtyard, so, the pigeons
could dip their heads and quench their thirst

It rained just enough
To make the dog take cover
And to make the cat crouch
with its tail between its legs

Today, it rained again
just enough to make us realize-
It was not abundance that brought joy
but having, just enough


28 responses to “Just enough”

    • Hi Robbie🙂, Thank you so much! The heat had gotten into me. I was desperate for the rains. But, it’s still not raining as it generally does during this season. If only it kept raining just enough…I hope the weather’s improved on your side.

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    • Thank you, Cheryl😊💕. Yes, may we always have just enough. How lovely that we share the experience despite being at two ends of the globe. After a long, hot summer, the rains are so welcome.

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  1. This is a lovely realization my friend. Just enough is good.
    And I see the little bird (of the other day 😉) did deliver your message to your lovely daughter.
    Happy for you.
    Be well. Love your poem. Blessings.

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