Mumbai Diaries : The countdown’s begun

After four years in Mumbai (my husband completed 5 in July), we are moving again. We knew we would eventually move out, but we had no idea when and where. We’ve been waiting to know what’s next. Finally, we now have a date and a place and we’re excited. Fortunately, my husband and I love change; we are pretty much nomads. We often joke about how when we can’t move jobs, we move homes and when we can’t move homes, we move countries. It’s not how we planned our lives, but, that’s kind of how it’s been for us since we tied the knot and honestly, none of us is complaining.

After waiting for over a year (because that’s when my husband started getting pins and needles), the cat’s finally out of the bag. We now know that we will be moving to Bangladesh and it will be one and a half months from now. That quick! I have my hands full with sorting out and settling stuff – it’s amazing how much junk you can collect in 4 years!

Despite all the busyness around me, I had to write a quick post to tell you about the move- all of you who’ve been waiting like me to know where next. When we got to know we are moving to Bangladesh, we danced with delight- it’s funny how excited we were. One would think we were moving to Sweden or some other country that was flourishing. Based on the little knowledge we had of the country (as per all the indexes used to measure poverty) we were aware that it ranked lower than India in most areas and yet we were happy (maybe we are crazy). I have been doing some reading and now know that the Bangladesh economy apparently is growing at a faster pace than India. That ofcourse, says nothing of the living standards there.

Historically, Bangladesh was a part of India, it was separated during the partition – Bangladesh was East Pakistan, until 1971 when it declared independence from Pakistan and became its own country, so I suppose it’s not going to be very much different from India (at least that’s what I think). Another thing I know about the country is that flooding is a common phenomenon-with around 240 rivers crisscrossing it, a major part of it is underwater than above and the population lives in the areas above water leaving the city densely populated. Lastly and probably the worst thing I knew, was the terrorist attack of 2016. I’m aware terrorist attacks have happened across the globe, even in Mumbai but it’s different when you have some link to a victim of the attack. One of the people who were killed was a young girl whose photograph I’d seen a few months prior to the attack – I vividly remember her because she was with a friend’s daughter and they were dressed for prom- it was a group photograph of four girls and she looked gorgeous in a strapless, red shimmering gown. She was killed because she refused to leave her friends behind.

I’ve been talking to friends who’ve been there and done that, so I have a fairly good idea of what to expect. And they’ve told me to keep my expectations low. And yet, in the very same breath, they’ve said they love the country very much. I’m not sure if I understand why but that’s something I’ll probably find out once I go there. I’ll get to know if it is the country they fell in love with or life as an expatriate. Because everybody knows, when one goes as an expatriate to a country, especially one that is an emerging market, you’re treated like royalty.

My conversations on the country thus far, have led to some very shocking revelations – a) there are malls there but they only sell local brands. All foreign brands with a ‘Made in Bangladesh’ tag are exported. So, there’s not going to be any shopping there. b) Amazon does not exist in the country. The first that crossed my mind was how am I going to order books as and when I want. Thank God, for Kindle! c) There are just three places you can go sightseeing in the country. Most people travel either to North-east India or South-East Asia every three or four months for a break. This sounded exciting to the travel bug in me. d)Since, there’s nothing to do there, people socialize. In fact, you have to socialize- it is the only way to keep depression at bay. This poses a challenge as ‘Socializing’ has never been my thing. Let’s see how that goes for me. I suppose I’ll have to trust art and blogging to be my lifesavers there.

I’m looking at the move as an opportunity to travel to a new destination and to understand the culture and life of people in another country – it will give me something to write about :)). I’m not overthinking the move – God’s opened a door and I’m walking straight in, in full faith, with no knowledge of what lies beyond it but with the hope that it will all be good. So, if anybody is asking, “Are you happy?” my answer is, “Yes, I am happy.”

Stay with me as you have until now. I will keep writing, even as I’m packing and moving and doing whatever I’m doing because I love that you’ll care. Thanks to all of you who read and write back, I know I’ll not be alone even when I literally may be, as my younger one will soon be on her way to Uni too. I’m signing off for now. Wishing all of you a lovely weekend!



11 responses to “Mumbai Diaries : The countdown’s begun”

  1. EúnoiaMoving Part 2 – Letting go Avatar

    […] It’s going to be a new chapter in our lives and I was excited (as I’d mentioned in my earlier post). But, as the days pass, I feel a sense of dread- of letting […]

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  2. robbiesinspiration Avatar

    HI Smitha, I am very pleased to know you have a destination and will be moving soon. I am even more pleased to know that you are happy about the move. I can’t say moving every four years would be something I’d like to do. I like to travel and then I like to come home. It is good there are so many different personalities in this world of ours and also good that you and your husband both like the changes and challenges.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Hi Robbie, we’ll be moving by the end of this month. You know, Robbie, I was pleased until a few days ago. Now, I’m a little distressed about leaving behind or maybe it’s that the girls will also be moving away. So, lots of things together. We’ve never moved every four years before. It was just within Dubai, different homes. The last time was our first Company move but now it’s going to happen every 5 years. So, I better brace myself🙂.
      Yes, it’s lovely that there are so many different personalities. Makes the world more interesting. I love all that I read and see of your life in S.A. Hopefully, one day, I can visit. Xxx

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      1. robbiesinspiration Avatar

        HI Smitha, I can understand that your girls not making this move with you is a little difficult. It would probably be the same, even if you didn’t move countries. I am sure it will all be fine and you will settle in quickly. It would be great if you made it to South Africa.


  3. Toonsarah Avatar

    I love to read of your excitement and positivity about the move – good for you! And of course I will be following your experiences with great interest 🙂


  4. dgkaye Avatar

    Wow! Such a big move Smitha. Wishing you a safe and peaceful journey to the next chapter of your life. ❤

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Hi Debbie 🙂 It is a huge move. Thank you so much for your good wishes. I’ll definitely need it. I’m just happy the blogging community will travel with me there and I’ll not be lonely. Big hugs to you.XXX

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      1. dgkaye Avatar

        That’s the beauty of blogging, and no extra luggage to move it, lol 🙂 xx

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        1. Smitha V Avatar

          Exactly! lol. I’m struggling with deciding what to take and what not to. So, this definitely is a huge win. XXX

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  5. Tasnim Avatar

    Hey smitha, good write up on your closing chapter with Mumbai. Wish you and Sanjay all the very best to a new beginning in a new destination.

    The info on Bangladesh here was great, and will look forward to more Dhaka Diaries, will see and learn through your eyes.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Hey Tasnim, it’s good to see you here. Now, I’m certain you’ll be traveling with me to Dhaka 🙂 Thank you for you good wishes always, my friend. Much love to you.XXX


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