Woman in a Man’s World…

Found this poem in an old diary of mine…17/9/98   (18 years ago)… I dont’ feel the same anymore but I know in many parts of the world, a woman still feels she is in shackles. Invisible but binding making it difficult to survive.


I felt so hollow within me,

No-one however insightful could see,

A deep chasm that’s hard to fill,

Like the Ocean that on the surface is still…


I felt the need of a crutch,

A friend was what I needed so much,

No longer could I cry,

My eyes had run dry…


I felt like a leaf blown away,

There was nothing more that I could say,

There wasn’t anybody who would listen,

I was at the mercy of another’s decision…


My desires, dreams, were not respected,

Nor my need to be understood accepted,

I was expected to follow,

That I could lead, they could not swallow…


I was born but a woman,

To be tossed around by man,

Father, Brother, Husband, whatever the form,

To dominate a woman was the age old norm…


Equality was still a distant dream,

Freedom, Justice, Empowerment just a theme,

Pleasant words like Sunday morning church bells,

As headlines in a newspaper that sells…



Far, far, beyond the horizon,

One day we shall be free and this woe forever gone,

For now, still a long, long way,

Before a Woman sees the break of day…


Many of us have seen the break of day. We mustn’t forget those who have not…for freedom is everybody’s right…


4 responses to “Woman in a Man’s World…”

  1. smomingingham Avatar

    Perhaps the point is this — that women may be shackled by their own thoughts as much as society’s norms.

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    1. Smitha Vishwanath Avatar

      I agree with you. Some cultures are more rigid and they confuse women’s rights with culture itself. In India things are slowly changing but still a long way to go.

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  2. Archana Avatar

    “The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me.” —Ayn Rand

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    1. Smitha Vishwanath Avatar

      Well said Archana…in many places though women have no courage to put up a fight…because they have never been taught how to.


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