To My Baby…(as penned in 2001)


via Daily Prompt: Baby

Today’s prompt made me pull out my diary of 2001- the year my first child was born and in it I found a poem I had written for her, 21 days after her birth. I have not bothered editing it, though as I read it now, some parts do seem a little funny…and not so poetic:).

Here are the words…


An answer to a prayer,

A jewel, so precious and rare,

Small and Sweet,

Tiny hands and little feet.


A bundle of joy,

A priceless living toy,

God’s most beautiful creation,

You were the most awaited family addition.


A nine month miracle,

A half-day labor, you and I did tackle,

And at eleven fifteen,

You were born- a tender, lovely queen.


This day in 2001,

A moment not to be forgotten,

I had been chosen,

To nurture, care and protect this special one,


Small pink lips, rosy cheeks,

Big black eyes that darted around,

A tuft of black hair,

And a small, pug nose.


Absolutely adorable, wrapped in a blanket,

A little hand reached out,

Kissing her dainty finger,

I created a bond, a memory that would forever linger.


The family’s first grandchild,

Loads of love and blessings piled,

You’ve stolen everybody’s heart,

A little of everyone, yet you’re distinctly apart.


You will be our inspiration,

To give you the best is our ambition,

To raise you right, our determination,

Building a strong and loving foundation.


Her first pic with the little pug nose





7 responses to “To My Baby…(as penned in 2001)”

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  2. Binny Avatar

    Having a smile on my face ….😀

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      😊am happy the poem made you smile


  3. Archana Avatar

    The raw anxious moments of motherhood ..beautifully expressed..loved it..

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Yes…its absolutely raw😊. Thanks Archana


  4. Al saher Avatar

    Beautiful 😍💖

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

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