Bones — Harvesting Hecate

This post by my dear blogging friend Andrea came at the right time as the answer to the post I wrote yesterday Cold or Old? I did not know then what to expect as an answer but Andrea’s post says it perfectly “It’s as though the earth is telling us to stay away, stay indoors, there is nothing out here for you”. And then the post ends beautifully providing the reason for the winters- “This is our time for moving inwards”. So, here’s the answer for all those who’ve been feeling just like me, this winter. Enjoy reading the post :).

This is the season of bones. The season of stark silhouettes against lowering skies. It is a season in which you can see the structure of the earth, the skeleton. The land is open. Views are revealed that would normally be hidden by foliage and flower. But all is not quite as transparent […]

via Bones — Harvesting Hecate

2 responses to “Bones — Harvesting Hecate”

  1. robbiesinspiration Avatar

    Winter is a time of dormancy so that we can refresh ourselves and prepare for Spring and Summer.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Absolutely Robbie but never felt like that in this part of the world where Summer is when you needed to stay away and winter is when you get to go out. But looks like things are changing here too.

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