The Night’s My Refuge

Sharing one from the archives again for those who haven’t read it. Have a wonderful week ahead!


National Poetry Writing Challenge Day 17 to write a Nocturne. A nocturne is a composition to be played at night, usually for piano, with a tender, melancholy sort of sound. The nocturne should be able to translate this sensibility to poetic form.


My heart weighs a ton, the battle’s won,

The night is long, I await the sun,

I know not what tidings, ‘morrow shall bring,

Melancholy engulfs, the enemy crushed, yet my heart’s lost it’s zing…

The air is still, the road deserted,

My mind a frenzy, my thoughts distorted,

My peace threatened, I cannot breathe,

A longing deep, brews within and vows to seethe…

I rest my throbbing head, a forlorn tear escapes,

The moonlight pale, thro’ the skylight, gapes,

Shattering the darkness, a beam beholds,

And that one moment, a secret unfolds…

A gentle breeze blows, strokes me tenderly,

A night owl hoots, ” You cannot be lonely”,

I feel it’s presence, I see it’s shadow on the slab,

“The moon, the stars…

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One response to “The Night’s My Refuge”

  1. twinklingwords Avatar

    My friend, I’m so thankful to you for presenting it out to us again for no one should miss this poem♥️ how effortlessly the words flow, rhyming profoundly. And it was soothing to my nerves. Made me calm and relaxed.


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