Satan Beware a Mother’s Wrath!

Wrote this poem on the prompt “Satan”.

I see him busy destroying the world, wreaking havoc. I see him in broken relations around me. And then at times, I see him closer, at my doorstep.

satan beware1




I saw it that day,

The glint in her eyes, vicious, dark, disquieting

I heard what she had to say,

The bitterness in the voice like steel daggers piercing

I stood dumbfounded, silenced,

Was it a horrible dream transpiring?

I couldn’t breathe, a feeling of wretchedness passed,

My entire life, all that I toiled for, before me crashing,

Looming large before me, shades of hatred, abhorrence trespassed,

A void, deep, glaring, wide,

between us, I couldn’t cross, I couldn’t reach

I here and she was on the other side,

Ominous, menacing; which lesson had I forgotten to teach?


Shatter it I would if only…but that stare-

Sinister, foreboding,  scathing, penetrating through me

My helplessness, my tears; seen as a snare,

A deaf ear turned to my plea,

No sign of the child I had held, not too long ago-

to my bosom, humming a lullaby, night after night,

In it’s place stood a stranger, I hadn’t raised, I didn’t know

My throat dry, I felt weary, famished before the fight,

Borne out of me, had grown branches that throttled,

Where were the values, the ethics, the morals that I had painstakingly instilled-

Burned, buried, bottled?

I must uncap but for now the distance left me crippled.

Had God failed?

My heart in whispers wailed…


With faith in the love that I had let overflow,

I tried once more, a feeble attempt,

A silent prayer for strength, “Please spare my child, let her go,”

I was met with contempt,

I tried again, placed my hand, “I love you, that’s all I want to say,”

From the moment I first set my eyes on you,

“And that will not change because you turned away.”

“I love you, I wish you knew…”

And as I spoke, I saw a flicker, a softening,

Of the eyes, and I continued,

Lips quivering,

Tears flowing,

From the claws of Satan; I delivered my child again, with twice the pain,

A mother’s love and faith hadn’t gone in vain…

satan beware All Rights Reserved.


2 responses to “Satan Beware a Mother’s Wrath!”

  1. robbiesinspiration Avatar

    This really is extraordinarily powerful, Smitha. Well done.


    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you so much Robbie. Absolutely love your comments.XXXX


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