While we celebrated love – 14/2/2019 India

This poem is dedicated to those soldiers, army men who lost their lives in Pulwama, in Kashmir on 14th February. The soldiers were returning back to duty after their holidays when the convoy was attacked by a terrorist. It was a very sad day for India when 40 brave-hearts lost their lives to terrorism.

A salute to all soldiers and their families who sacrifice being together and because of whom we can go about our lives doing the things we love.

Had never heard of Pulwama

until that day, when in broad daylight

a SUV crashed into a convoy

The day we celebrated love

In a heap they lay,

mangled… up in those valleys

Had bid goodbye to those they loved

The day we celebrated love

In a pool of blood, red

Forty brave men died

Their families shocked – white

The day we celebrated love

On the call of duty, they had gone

For a greater love

Love for the Nation

The day we celebrated love

They breathed their last

Their dreams turned to dust

Their families left to fend

The day we celebrated love

Forty coffins returned

While we posed and dined

Forty families wept

While we celebrated love

P.C. The Week. A Salute to those who lost their lives. May their souls rest in peace.

Its not enough to attack the sources of terrorism once and forget. These weeds must be uprooted and must not be allowed to grow back.The world needs to unite to fight it. We all know this. I haven’t said anything new and I know its easier said than done.

But what we can do is remember that the soldiers’ life. They do not have the luxury to rest, to lapse, to lay low…for even a single day. While we do and its thanks to them.

For all that they do and for all the comforts, pleasures they give up on, we need to come together and support them.

Its unfair to the soldiers’ if we forget. Don’t say you’d like to help but don’t know how to.

This is a reminder to do your bit to support the soldiers who lost their lives, to help their families because there can be no greater sacrifice than sacrificing oneself for the country.

To contribute to the families of the Indian soldiers who lost their lives, you can go the below link. I did my bit which is also not enough to rid me of the guilt of forgetting too soon. You can do yours.

Contribute to soldiers

Please don’t be complacent or indifferent any more. Its not enough to express regret or make it a coffee table conversation. This is the time to help for while we talk, there are houses that have been shocked to silence, where the only sound heard is a never-ending wail, where lives have been lost and its for us.

Please don’t just read this post and close it. Replace the lunch at that fine dining restaurant with something lesser, drink one less coffee, do something, give up anything but do your duty. Help!


Whatever you do, don’t forget the soldiers, the real celebrities. Soldiers of all countries who fight all odds to protect the nation’s borders from infiltrators, terrorists, need to be remembered. They and their families. Keep them in your prayers. You owe it to them.

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2 responses to “While we celebrated love – 14/2/2019 India”

  1. Andrea Stephenson Avatar

    This is so powerful Smitha, a moving poem with an important message and the repeat of the lines about celebrating love really drive this home.


    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you Andrea. What happened on Valentine’s in India was extremely sad. Got to know when I returned home after a lunch with friends. That’s what brought this out. Am so glad you liked it. Thank you🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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