1/3 :This Feeling


Mental health illness affects a lot of people these days. Depression is on the rise amongst teens and adults. Depression is not a choice. It can happen to anybody.

On account of the increasing number of cases and growing concern, the month of October has been earmarked to increase awareness on mental health. October 10th is observed as Mental Health Awareness Day by World Health Organization.

I have penned down 3 poems, on mental health, which I will share everyday, starting from today.


Don’t tell me, I have it all

I feel like I’m hitting a wall

Where do I go from here?

My mind’s ambushed by an unknown fear


Don’t tell me things, I already know

Save me, from drowning in woe

The writing’s all over the wall

My mind’s being mauled

I’m going crazy, I feel so low

There’s nowhere I have to go

Something’s gripping me from within

Like Hades’ found his way in


It comes and goes

Comes and goes

This feeling; that isn’t my call

That’s making me falter, that’s making me fall




3 responses to “1/3 :This Feeling”

  1. Andrea Stephenson Avatar

    I can feel the sense of despair in this poem Smitha.


  2. 2/3 : To You I Want to Say – Pennings…One woman's journey Avatar

    […] This is the second poem in the series of poems I have written for mental health awareness. To read the first, you can click on the link 1/3 :This Feeling […]


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