2020 is here!


Wishing all my readers a very Happy 2020! I hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. And I do hope the wishes for a good year ahead are still pouring in. Or am I the last?

Since I haven’t written my blog in a long time, I kind of feel, like I’ve lost touch so I’m just going to amble around until I find myself. Hoping you’ll hang in there.

2020 – I like the sound of the year. And somehow, it’s the year that reminds me that ‘man proposes, God disposes.’ Five years’ ago, as we drove back after picking up the children from school, I remember my husband telling my children that they should take part in the Expo 2020 – as volunteers. And I had said, ‘Its’ too early to think so far ahead.’ That was me, just being myself – the grounded, boring, realist. Little did I know then, come 2020, we wouldn’t even be in the country – a country that I had stayed in, my entire life.

This was my first New Year in Mumbai and it was quite the experience. The celebrations that started on Christmas eve went on till January 5th – with our community entirely lit up in colorful lights – every building, lamp-post and tree covered in fairy lights. Music blared on speakers until midnight. And nobody was complaining.  There were fairs with games, food stalls, music and dance too. On New Years’ eve, all those who had nowhere to go stood around, on the street, taking pictures of the lights and the decorations and then waited until until the stroke of midnight to watch the firework display. There were police posted everywhere to ensure the safety of people. Seeing the huge crowd of people, we returned home much before midnight and ushered in the beginning of 2020 from our nest. And that somehow set the pace for me, for this year – keeping to myself, away from the unnecessary noise and focusing on things that truly matter – with this came the resolve to push social media to the backseat (which if not for writing, I would happily kicked out completely), and make the hard choice between all the things that were vying for the front seat – more family time, reading, writing – on WordPress, my diary and exercising (after all the festive eating, its’ about time).

Art will have to wait until June when I hope to have a little more time on my hands. And then there’s a secret dream for the year- for which I will have to find the time. I cannot talk anymore about it, for the fear of jinxing it. But if I have not written a post, then it might be that I’ve been too busy weaving my dream.

What about you’ll? Have you chalked out your goals for 2020 or do you believe in going with the flow? Do you also have a secret dream for the year? Whatever it is that you’ve planned for yourself in 2020, I wish you happiness, good health and realization of your dreams.



P.S. My goal for the year remains the same as it was last year. And with this post, I begin my blogging for 2020. Thank you for staying with me.


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10 responses to “2020 is here!”

  1. robbiesinspiration Avatar

    A lovely post, Smitha. I am happy you had such a happy and festive New Year. All the best with your dream, I hope it comes to fruition.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you so much Robbie for your good wishes. Your wishes and support means a lot to me❤

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  2. faithfullyyours2017 Avatar

    Hi smitha wishing u n ur family a fanta-bulous year ahead….

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you so much for your lovely wish. Wishing you a fabulous year ahead too!🙂


  3. GS Subramanian Avatar
    GS Subramanian

    Wish you a very creative and wonderful New Year. My resolution like always is to keep on writing. My next book is complete and hope to have it published in the next two months.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you so much for such a wonderful wish. Just what I need. Congratulations on your new book! It must feel so great. I’m on my first draft. Need to edit it. That I think takes forever.🙂


  4. Margie Avatar

    Happy New Year!
    May all your dreams come true!

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Happy New Year to you too! Thank you Margie for such a beautiful wish. I wish you the same – loads of happiness.

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  5. lynnfay73 Avatar

    I always make goals and “resolutions” because I think people who don’t are not only complaisant, they are somewhat jaded to life in general (maybe a few spontaneous folks out there who justify it that way). But making goals, new starts and all, does not preclude spontaneity OR tweaking those goals to make them work along the way. Good luck to you for a great year! (p.s. I know what you mean about social media. If I weren’t a writer, I’d be sorely tempted to get rid of all of it–though I do like seeing my grandson’s face on there!). Happy New Year.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you so much for writing back. I couldn’t agree more on the need for goals. They give you a sense of direction and like you said, you can always tweak it along the way. I believe some people don’t make them because they think its a waste of time. They’re just so sure of breaking them even before making them 🙂 I’m so glad you understood what I meant about social media. Its that bitter pill that you can’t do without 🙂 . Happy New Year to you too Lynn! XXX

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