Quote 17 – Faith

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5 responses to “Quote 17 – Faith”

  1. bmsowmya Avatar

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    this quote is emotionally connected to me. If one’s soul is filled with purity ,they find it as faith. The most important factor is to understand their sub conscious mind and accept the things . I liked your quote.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you Sowmya for the reblog. Am glad you liked the quote. You’re right about acceptance and faith. They go hand in hand.


  2. sienablue Avatar

    Faith….is often unnoticed in life’s easy times. But in the hardest scariest moment of my life, a microsecond of a plea for help was answered swiftly in an unexpected way as things seemed like they were scattering shards but they were actually falling into place in an unwanted but better way. Sometimes what I want is a lot of things that don’t hang together. He knows how to make the right wholeness that brings healing and peace.

    Sorry for the clumsy run on phrasing.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you for sharing your personal experience here. Yes, many a time we do not realize how things are falling into place until they all do. Its in the interim that we must keep our faith. Your comment showed your emotions so please don’t say ‘sorry’🧡


  3. Sundaram Chauhan Avatar

    I agree… belief is the best ally in this cruel world. One who believes achieves. Well said. 🤘👏🤜🤛☺


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