NaPoWriMo Day 12- Small, but, Big

Today, I’d like you to invert your inspiration, and write a poem about a very small thing. Whether it’s an atom, a button, a hummingbird’s egg, dollhouse furniture, or the mythical world’s smallest violin, I hope you enjoy your poetic adventures into the microscopic.

Here’s my poem for today – Small, but, Big

To the human race- 

You call yourself invincible
But it is I, who is unconquerable
I, who is smaller than a cell
can wreak havoc and make life hell.

A handful, know me-
those that are interested in Biology
Even fewer have seen me-
Those whose noses lie buried in a laboratory.

I may be smaller than a nucleus
but, don't get fooled; my impact's enormous.

I determine a person's fate,
his health and his mental state-
whether he be considered 'Normal'
or, be labelled, 'Special'.

Can you imagine me- smaller than a dot,
accountable for the brain, muscles and face you've got?
The smallest in a family of twenty-three,
It is I, who shoulder a gigantic responsibility.

I, tinier than a pea,
govern your entire identity!

Yours truly,
Choromosome Number 21

19 responses to “NaPoWriMo Day 12- Small, but, Big”

    • Thank you so much,Arti for visiting and writing back. Lol…after reading about it and writing the poem,I thought of bio lessons too! Your appreciation of the poem is very encouraging. Thank you!


    • Thank you, dear Selma for reading. I had no idea about it, until I began reading, thanks to the prompt. Chromosome 21 is happy that you respect it🙂💕.


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