Published: A wake-up call

I’m happy to share my poem, ‘A wake-up call’ has been published by MasticadoreUSA. A shout-out to Barbara, the editor of the e-zine, for accepting the poem.

“A wake-up call” by Smitha Vishwanath

Publicado por MEELOSMOMel

I  The day before the surgery

The morning I went for a check-up
I had no idea they'd want to operate
But, my body, they said,
needed fixing;
I had no choice but to agree.

The hospital was no super-speciality
that boasted the latest gadgets
But it sure had doctors
Who made me feel at ease; enough
to put my life in their wrinkled hands.

You can read the rest of the poem here. It would be better to read it on the laptop as it does not mess up with the formatting. I hope you enjoy reading the poem. All Rights Reserved.

5 responses to “Published: A wake-up call”

  1. Dalo 2013 Avatar

    This is super, Smitha ~ you have such an emotional way with words.


  2. robbiesinspiration Avatar

    Hi Smitha, having surgery is very scary and one does reflect on one’s life beforehand. I hope that everything has healed well and you are ‘fixed’ now.


  3. rajkkhoja Avatar

    Very nice write ✍️ you poem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you very much!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. rajkkhoja Avatar

        You are most welcome!


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