Its great to have you here. In this blog, you’ll find poetry, art, quotes and writing – some fiction and some fact based on my experiences.While the blog is essentially my journey through life and the lessons I’ve learnt along the way and am still learning, I hope it connects with you, too, and it makes you say, ‘Oh yes! I’ve been there,’ or ‘Wow! I felt this’ or ‘I know someone who has,’ and makes you want to come back for some more.

At ‘EUNOIA,’ you’ll get a taste of all things that have inspired me to create by way of writing, poetry, and art. Hopefully, my lack of expertise and perfection in the field of literature and the arts inspires you to try the things you’ve always wanted to, but have been afraid to because of the fear of imperfection.

I look forward to being inspired by you through your comments on the posts.

Welcome to my world- a world where we inspire each other to be better.



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