NaPoWriMo Day 3 :Stress Relieving Recipe

As part of Day 3 poetry writing challenge, we had to write a recipe in the form of poetry. It could be a real recipe handed down by your grandmother or anybody else or a recipe for a magic potion. This is my very own recipe. It’s been tried over the years and has withstood bad weather, recession, extreme conditions and has emerged a winner. Do try it out and let me know if it works for you. It’s safe for children too. No adult supervision required.


For instant relief:

1 bar of chocolate,

1 cup of hot coffee,

A dollop of cream,

1 slice of cake or 2 cookies would do too.


For the marinade:

A 20 minute walk in the open, (if weather permits. Day time is good to soak in the sun but if you’re a night person, then walk in the moonlight)

10 minutes of stretching,

15 minutes of meditation ... (close your eyes and be aware of every breath, feel the nostril tingle as the cool air enters and the warm air exits, be aware of every sound- birds chirping, leaves fluttering, patter of feet and be one with the earth).

A warm meal (filled with goodness),

A hot shower, (cold will do if that’s what you prefer),

A bowl of ice-cream drizzled with chocolate sauce and a generous helping of nuts, (nuts is optional.If you have an allergy, fruits can be used instead),

1 comfortable bed with 1 soft pillow,

Leave it to rest overnight.


For the batter:

Take a bowl full of life,

Toss in some shopping,

A cup of family time,

Sprinkle a few good friends or even 1 will do,

A pinch of love, a ladle of laughter, a spoonful of crazy times,

Gently fold it all in,

Pour it in a oven-proof dish and bake it at 180 degrees C for 30 minutes…(an oven – as in a place where you feel most secure and comfortable)

Watch the spirits rise and turn a warm golden brown,

Note : in the absence of family and friends, you can use me-time doing something you love.

For the frosting:

A day at the spa (if that’s too much, then just doing your nails or a haircut will do the trick),

A week-end break away (a walk on the beach, a night under the stars, a good book or a sport),

Let it freeze…

For the serving:

On a platter,

Soft on the inside,

Crunchy and crispy on the outside,

To be savoured with every bite,

Serve with  a dip of gratitude and positivity,

For it’s special and beautiful, (not to be wasted away),

Note: Only to be served to the deserving, to those who enhance the flavours by being a part of it. “It” refers to you and your life.

Copyright©,2017, Smitha Vishwanath. All Rights Reserved.

















3 responses to “NaPoWriMo Day 3 :Stress Relieving Recipe”

    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thanks Nicola😊


  1. Archana Avatar

    Wow..amazing..loved it..this recipe is awesome..👍


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