My BYOB List 1- My favorite Posts


Each post that I have written until date comes straight from the heart. I have enjoyed writing each and every post and have loved reading the comments from fellow readers on the posts. Of the hundred odd write-ups , there are some that will remain my all-time favorites, either because they are based on experiences that made me into the person I am or simply because they are things that I learnt on the way.

It’s sad when these posts are forgotten and don’t get read by newer followers simply because they remain under the heap of latest posts or were written when I barely had any people reading my blog. So here is a list of the posts that I think deserve not to be forgotten.

I’d like to thank fellow blogger James Clark   James Clark — The Next Iteration who not only suggested the idea of creating a list but also advised me on how I could apply it. BYOB (Blog your own best) is a acronym that I have borrowed from James.

Thank you for checking into my favorites. Do share your favorites with me and if you feel there’s any other post of mine that should get into this list, would love to hear of it.


My Diary

Going Away from Home…

In search of Paradise…


Nostalgia -Going Back to the Roots…

Food for Thought

Introvert or Extrovert…Dogma Debunked

Spirituality Versus Religion

CHANGE…Easier than YOU think…Harder when YOU fight it!

That’s a Beautiful Junkyard…

What Life Taught Me

TIPS To Have a Great B’day…It’s not just a number!

Expectation Reduces Joy

It’s all about “GUTS”!

This Far…No Further…Say “NO”

Alright, if you saw the picture that I posted on the top, it says, ” my favorite 11 blog posts“. That count ends with the top post. I know. But, I have 14!. What’s life without a little humor. Not sharing the below 3 with you’ll would have been a sin and I’d like you to leave with a smile. So, hear’s to seeing the bright side of life ( I am sure all of you have experienced this at some point in time).

So go ahead, take your coffee, relax and enjoy.

Humor in Life

The Appraisal

The Training, The Trainer & The Trainee

Back to School – Morning Woes…


Thank you for dropping by. It means a lot to me that you took the time to read the posts.

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