Where did the body go?

I killed one this morning

With no previous planning

It fell off as I opened the cabinet door

Onto the white marble floor

I wasted no time being aghast

Instead I swung into action and ‘Blast’

I stamped it dead

And there it lay smashed on its head

On the white marble floor

Close to the hinge of the cabinet door.


A tinge of remorse felt I

I had committed a crime; sigh!

I’m no routine murderer. No! Not I

Except when I swat the occasional cockroach or the miscreant fly

So with heavy heart, I walked out the kitchen door

Into the store

Still early,  I must be dazed

When eturned, I looked around unfazed

Of the dead there was no sign

Either at or around the scene of the crime!


Did it fly away

Or was it carried by an army of ants?

Did I even kill

Or did I dream it all?

Gosh, I wanted to scream!



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