NaPoWriMO Day 29 : Through the classroom window

First I want to share with everybody how delighted I was to know that my poem NaPoWriMo Day 28 – Do you have dreams? was selected to be the featured poem of Day 28. You can check the link below- (read blog name ‘Eunoia’).

I want to thank the judges of NaPoWriMo for thinking my poem worthy. After five years of participating and around 148 poems written across those years in the month of April each year, it’s hugely satisfying, and is a big deal for me.

To all those who read my posts and supported me through their warm words of encouragement, I want to say ‘Thank you.’ To my blogging friends who’ve read my writing regularly since the time I began – Andrea Stephenson and Robbie Cheadle, I want to say ‘I am grateful to have met you here.’

And to those who joined me in the last few months on my fb page- Soumya, Bubbles and Vineetha, it’s a pleasure to read your comments. I know this probably sounds like I’ve won an Oscar but being selected here is no less for me. It comes at a time when I needed it. The ongoing lockdown, the increasing cases and mostly my personal losses in the last few months have all taken a toll making me doubt if what I write is indeed poetry. So, being selected, is hugely reassuring.

And now, for our prompt (optional, as always). This one is called “in the window.” Imagine a window looking into a place or onto a particular scene. It could be your childhood neighbor’s workshop, or a window looking into an alien spaceship. Maybe a window looking into a witch’s gingerbread cottage, or Lord Nelson’s cabin aboard the H.M.S. Victory. What do you see? What’s going on?

Writing the poem would be easier if I had to write about what I saw ‘from my window,’ now that we’re stuck indoors and have been since what feels like forever.

But here is mine for today, ‘Into the classroom window’

Oh dear! 
It's that time of the year
When parents have to meet the teacher
I hope there's not going to be a lecture
To discuss my teen's future!

I reach grade nine
Minutes ahead of time
In front of me, there is a line
meandering like the Rhine
I move to the door to check the sign
If the classroom is really mine

'Is the teacher even in?' I wonder
Pressing my ear to door
The sound of silence echoes loud
like a looming grey cloud
On the inside
the shuffling of feet in impatience, on the outside

I stand on my toes to reach the window
in the classroom's wooden door
My nose stuck to the glass pane
I hope it leaves no stain
'What do you think you're doing?' I hear a bellow

I can see a blackboard, a table, a chair
Some books in the corner and duster somewhere
'There's nobody in there!'
My finding I share, in return for a stare-
enough to scare
A bear! All Rights Reserved


8 responses to “NaPoWriMO Day 29 : Through the classroom window”

  1. robbiesinspiration Avatar

    Hi Smitha, this is wonderful news, I am so pleased for you. Thank you for your kind mention in this post. I am delighted I can share in your poetry adventure. This poem resonates with me. Michael is also in Grade 9 and I have experienced this exact same situation although our last set of teacher meetings was on Zoom.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Your comment made me smile. What a coincidence Michael is in grade 9 and that you should have had this experience. Ours too have been on Zoom- no rushing or waiting in long queues or finding teachers and classes .
      Robbie your warm words have meant a lot to me. I had to thank you for being there for me. Have a lovely week!

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  2. Andrea Stephenson Avatar

    Congratulations on having your poem featured Smitha. This new one is very amusing – that trepidation we sometimes felt as children going to school transferred to an adult perspective!

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  3. Deepa Gopal Avatar
    Deepa Gopal

    This is soothing, somehow, reading these in rhymes.
    I relate so much what you say about writing poetry…But you rock, girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Smitha V Avatar

      It’s so good to know you can relate to it though I know it’s not a good feeling to doubt oneself. Thank you again Deepa for being so encouraging.💛

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  4. Dawn D. McKenzie Avatar

    You doubted that what you write is poetry? Wow! That imposter syndrome is really strong, isn’t it?
    Well, I’m glad you were reassured then!
    This poem is lovely too, considering you haven’t been outside in too long. I could see myself there, at that parent-teacher conference. Well done! That third stanza is impressive!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Yup…I guess I do have a lot of that impostor syndrome and it’s not just poetry. It’s art too which is fine because I just began but I had it when I was working and as a student. Only then I did not know there was a name for how I felt.
      Thank you so much Dawn. It has reassured me. Well, the PTMs are what I miss the least…😀 but I am totally tired of being cooped up just like everyone else here I’m sure.
      Thank you again for reading the poem so attentively.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dawn D. McKenzie Avatar

        We’re all struck by that IS at times. It gets to me often. It’s only getting better now that I’ve started writing a novel, and I feel like I’m getting closer to getting published. And also since I’ve had poems selected to be published in a few anthologies. I’m thinking, if they were that bad, they wouldn’t have asked me back, would they? 😉
        But there are still many, many days where I don’t feel like a ‘real’ writer, a real poet. You know, I think it goes with the territory. I had that in my main jobs too. Every time. And I know I was good at what I did/do. Still, every time, I felt out of place, like, soon enough, someone was bound to realise I was an imposter…

        I’m really glad you were featured, you deserve to, and that poem really did too.
        As for being cooped up, I totally understand. Yet, I also understand that for you, it’s even more a matter of life and death than it is for us in Europe for example. Take good care of you and your loved ones. Sending good energy your way. XO


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