A surprise gift from a friend

This post was to come out much earlier, but I’ve been swamped with loads of things. Anyway, I received this beautiful gift from a friend I know through NaPoWriMo and then WordPress.

Manja Mexi, from the blog Embarrassment of Riches, who is an avid photographer and manages to find and share the beauty around her through her photographs sent me a calendar via email. For each month, she chose 5 of her favourite photographs from the last five years (one for each year) and arranged them in a way that all I had to do was get the printers to print it. What I loved about the gift was that it was thoughtfully and tastefully done and well planned – her email reached me on the 28th of December, 2021- just in time for 2022.

The result of her labour of love and thoughtfulness now stands on my writing table. It helps me keep track of days (which has been so easy to forget ever since Covid began), things to be done, be creative (thanks to the very different photographs she’s put together) and dream of traveling.

This is just one month. To see all 12 months, you can click here

In Manja’s words, the calendar is a ‘way we can spend the year a little more together.’ She couldn’t have been more right. With me at my writing table most of the day and everybody else at school and work, this calendar is a reminder of friendships made across the distance – that connections can be made without ever physically meeting a person. It reinstated my belief that friendships made virtually can be beautiful too.

Manja is not the only blogger who’s made me believe in virtual friendships. I could list others and to them I’m thankful. I’m not listing their names here because they know who they are. They are the ones who make me want to come back to WordPress everyday.

To all who believe that virtual is not real, I want to say, ‘Sometimes its even better than real. But it really depends on you.’

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11 responses to “A surprise gift from a friend”

  1. Sunra Rainz Avatar

    What a lovely post. I agree with all your sentiments. And it is such a delightful calendar, I now feel terrible I haven’t printed mine out. Oh well, there’s still time! 🙂

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  2. Cheryl, Gulf Coast Poet Avatar

    The calendar is a delightful gift, from a friend, Smitha. Thanks for this inspiring post. ❤

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Thank you dear Cheryl for your appreciation. Manja is very talented. I enjoy having the calendar on my table.❤

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  3. Musica italiana – An Embarrassment of Riches Avatar

    […] first, a lovely post by Smitha on her blog Eúnoia in which she shows the February page of my Calendar 2022 as she had it printed. It looks even […]

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  4. Manja Maksimovič Avatar

    Ahhh! Beautifully said. Connections made on here are as valid as those made everywhere else, if not more. I’m so happy that this calendar made you happy and will keep on doing it and inspiring you until the end of the year. Much love and thank you for this post. ❤

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Much love to you,dear Manja. You couldn’t have given me a more thoughtful gift. Thank you, again. ❤

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  5. sienablue Avatar

    Manja is very talented, capturing beauty across such a wide spectrum of subjects. I will check out her blog. Our virtual friendships have been so important during the pandemic. I am just now beginning to reconnect locally with my art groups, there were months when I thought I would never go back. I still shy away from any crowded events.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      She is, Jo. Her photographs are wonderful and she does have an eye for beautiful things.
      It’s true our virtual friendships have helped us during the pandemic and otherwise too- because this is one space where we express ourselves without judgment. I found the wordpress community very warm.
      It’s good to know that you are venturing out again. I hope your knee is better. I suppose covid has created the fear of crowds within us and it will take a long time to get over it.

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  6. robbiesinspiration Avatar

    Hi Smitha, What a splendid idea for a gift. Lucky you 🥂 I am so busy at work I’m struggling to get writing done outside of weekends. Your Treasuring Poetry post will be live tomorrow.

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    1. Smitha V Avatar

      Hi Robbie, It is, isn’t it🙂. It’s such a shame that she sent it out this beautifully done calendar to a few others who did not open it for fear of the file being corrupted.
      Oh! No wonder I’ve seen nothing from your side on fb,insta. Is it because it’s this time of the year and you are busy with audits?
      I’m looking forward to seeing the post. Thank you so much Robbie for hosting me . In the handful of people who’ve supported me, you know your name tops the list. So, thank you!

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      1. robbiesinspiration Avatar

        HI Smitha, that is a shame. I do understand people being cautious about opening files though, there are so many email scams. I haven’t been on Inst much and that goes through to my FB. It is just crazy at this time of year with all the December year ends and with the threat of an increase in interest rates, the bond market has also gone mad. I have been focusing on WP and Twitter with the time I have available. We are going away for this coming weekend, so Insta will be busy again. Have a wonderful day.

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